Chip Shop Owner Tightens Up

Chris Sell, owner of Brigate Bocce's official post-game hangout Chip Shop on Atlantic Avenue, is featured in today's NY Daily News.  In the interview, he discusses the tough decision he recently made to close his Park Slope Curry Shop to focus on his two Chip Shop restaurants.

261-ChipShop_owner.JPGNY Daily News: Small Fry Takes Page from Big Fish: From the beginning, Sell had big dreams of turning his main fish-and-chips business into an expansive chain, an endeavor that would leave room for few distractions.

"In any business, there are little pain-in-the-backside things that you have to do, whether it's jumping in the car and going to Jackson Heights to pick up supplies, or the guy who's running the kitchen is going on vacation," Sell said. "I think it's better to have a smaller, busier restaurant than a larger one that isn't so busy."

That doesn't mean it was easy for Sell to take the necessary steps to scaleback.

"It's so much easier to make decisions when it's somebody else's business, somebody else's staff," he said. "It's a lot more emotional when it's your own place."

Photo: NY Daily News

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  • Brooklyn Enthusiast

    I have been meaning to go here for some time now. Is it good? What’s the scene?

  • Qfwfq

    The food is very good, make sure you get the curry sauce with the fish and chips. The fried pizza is a bit overrated, but interesting to have once in a “would it actually clog up my arteries and kill me?” way. Lots of English things like “Spotted Dick” and “Ploughmans Lunch”. The place is a little small, but Brigate Bocce always manages to get a table on Sundays.