Paving On Columbia Heights, Joralemon and Pineapple Streets Next Week

Community Board 2 has advised us that on Wednesday, August 5 paving will be done on Columbia Heights between Cranberry and Pierrepont streets, and on Pineapple Street between Columbia Heights and Henry Street. On Thursday, August 6, paving on Columbia Heights between Cranberry and Pierrepont will continue, and paving on Joralemon Street between Clinton and Hicks streets will be done.

The paving is to be done during the daytime. The City DOT advises that

[v]ehicles left on these streets when work is ready to be performed will be relocated, generally within three blocks. DOT encourages owners of relocated vehicles to first walk around the neighborhood. If owners are not able to locate their vehicle, they may telephone (646) 892-1370 to learn where it was towed to.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Actually, the grinding on Pineapple Street was done on the 29th, and it was repaved on Friday, the 31st, I believe.

  • Fritz

    Are the anti-film shoot trolls complaining about the parking inconvenience?

  • Eddyde

    There is a huge difference between suspending parking for necessary street maintenance vs facilitating a private business venture. The film shoots are way out of hand they not only inconvenience, area residents but also waste fuel, create more pollution and cost local businesses lost profits. There needs to be limitations on how often and how much space, film shoots can use the streets.

  • gatornyc

    Pineapple has been milled but not repaved yet.

  • Andrew Porter

    You were right, and I was wrong. Actually, it was repaved today, Thursday.

  • gatornyc

    I’ll let it go this time LOL.