Gothamist Revisits 1980s Brooklyn in “Cruel Summer”

Gothamist takes us back to the 80s with a look at Bananarama’s 1983 “Cruel Summer” video, shot in DUMBO and the edge of the Heights.

Shot in the summer of 1983, the video takes place around DUMBO, specifically the area over by Grimaldi’s. You’ll see the auto body shop (still there, under a different name), the steep hill leading up to Brooklyn Heights, the ice cream light house (then abandoned), and the area that has now been transformed into Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Despite all the changes since then, the neighborhood kind of looks the same. The clothes, fortunately, do not.

Read more and see the video at Gothamist

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  • Andrew Porter

    Lots of comments on the Gothamist site, including my own. Gothamist talks about the so-called abandoned light-house, but this was actually an old fire boat station. Fire boats docked there, and the tower was used to hang and dry fire hoses. When I first moved here, it was still in active service.

    Here’s a photo of the area, back when the NYPD was using the parking lot where the River Café is now, as a towed car impound yard: