Hot! Hot! Hot!

Community Board 2 has passed to us Mayor De Blasio’s advisory concerning the unusually high temperatures we’re now experiencing, and which are expected to continue through tomorrow. If you have elderly or otherwise vulnerable neighbors or friends, especially those who may be without air conditioning, please check on them by phone or in person periodically. Other tips, including those for your own safety and comfort, are in the Mayor’s advisory message.

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  • Joe Dudas

    Side note, it’s amazing how little shade there is in Bklyn Bridge Park. During these summer days it feels 10 degrees hotter, and there’s nowhere to hide from the direct sunlight — at least on the south end of the park. Thank gosh for Ample Hills.

  • stuart

    There is nothing unusual about these temperatures this time of year. In the old days they called them the dog days of summer. Everyone who could would leave town.

  • stuart

    I agree. The parkies should build gazebos or shelters like in Central Park and Prospect Park. Especially since the trees are still not big enough to provide good shade.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Why would anyone go to BBP in this kind of heat? You have Central and Prospect (properly designed) parks, you have shade on the promenade
    in many locations. Try a walk and a cold soda/beverage on dozens of leafy well shaded blocks nearby…

    By the way…STAY HYDRATED!! Last year “someone” got the box which allows you to directly view the ems dispatchers text to units in the field..
    Let the temp go over like 83 and it starts on the ems monitors; MAN DOWN! Unconscious person found (at like 11 AM in midtown)on the street, Heat exhaustion, heart attack, breathing poorly!..and its NOT just the elderly or preexisting conditions…it’s very simple:

    HEAT IS A SERIOUS RISK TO LIFE AND HEALTH..a LOT more than people gave it credit for…think what’s happening with your core temperature, and watch how much stressful activity you do in the heat!
    Its your life and health…heat is a killer folks….

  • treehumper

    Seconding the BBP comments here – where on earth are the trees? They have to find ways to add some shade. I suggest a line of trees down the center of the divided walkway. They’d divide bikes from people, and shade both sides. There’s plenty of room for the right species.

  • Andrew Porter

    There used to be lots of shade in the afternoon on the Promenade. Then the Parks Dept. lopped off the lower limbs of the trees shading the Promenade, and suddenly there was no place to hide.

  • Solovely

    The lack of shade is truly sad and discomforting!

  • Andrew Porter

    The Lovin’ Spoonful – “Summer in the City” (2:40 video):

    Or I could have posted Fred Astaire, and “We’re havin’ a heat wave”…

  • GHB

    The truth is that many of those lower branches that have been pruned were just a lawsuit waiting to happen.