Help Find Two Missing Dogs in Brooklyn Heights

Sad news from our good friends at Rocco and Jezebel, looking out for our neighborhood pets even when they’re not in the neighborhood.

Can you help find these missing pooches? Please share on your social networks and let’s see if we can get these babies home.

Rosie, the beloved Beagle/MinPin mix belonging to some Heights residents, was last seen March 17th at the gate of Green-Wood Cemetery (according to a guard there).  She’s 13 pounds, black and tan with a docked tail and white chest.


Please keep your eyes out for her, and if you see her, PLEASE DON’T CHASE HER.  Call 347-633-1852 and let us know where she is. We miss her terribly.

More info at the Find Rosie Facebook page.


Our terminally ill Mirabelle went missing on March 23, when she was left tied to a bike rack (not by her owners) near Macy’s on Fulton Mall.  Recently groomed and pretty shorn, she is 10 pounds and has a black body with white chin, a snaggle tooth and underbite.

More info at her Facebook page and on Craig’s List.

Please use the comments to offer tips and support, not criticism of the circumstances in which these pets disappeared. Both families are distraught .


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  • Willow Street Watch

    If either of the two pets been bio chipped, they may have registered on one of the huge number of RFID readers which have proliferated in this area in the last three or so years. Get the digital codes and start with last known location. A RFID terminal finders are available to find the nearist reader without having to ask.Also, why not ask for street surveillance tapes Fulton St has gazillion cameras including NYPD…

    I hope both are located, and those responsible end up the rikers dog house

  • ShinyNewHandle

    I agree with your final sentiment, but if you are suggesting that random RFID terminals (where?) can be used to track the progress of lost pets, I would like to ask if this has ever worked!

  • Willow Street Watch

    I don’t seek to be the BH Snowden but the network of RFID and other RF based field can and have tracked a wide range of public and private movements. All those new “safety” features have a very negative side.
    Most vehicles have both active and passive location disclosure. If you
    now for a pacemaker or defibulator and you ask the surgion/team members if the device has RFID you’ll see the fancy foot work and no answers youll get. If you buy or rent a RFID detector or simply use a portable spectrum analyzer you’ll see how MANY readers are around. In the Midwest a bunch of joy riders, hijackers and organized crime types have learned to their sorrow how trackable newer vehicles and just some average products are. The cell phone network and commercial FM stations are also a radar net from which images of vehicle and in some cases individual movement can be easily assembled.

    But why not start with the security cameras which are thick as you know what down there.

    Given the number of pet thieves and researchers who need test animals I would have a cell based tracker collar programmed to alarm if poochie got one foot outside of a set GPS area….

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Meh. I think the families want to know if you’ve seen the dogs recently or not.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Well on the subject of doggies, I’m reading the Lena Dunham article/ quiz in the current New Yorker, while I’m also looking at the reaction by the total Jerkazoids melting down on the blogs…

    One friend who now has a double hernia (I only have a single) over this, asked a great question; If Charlie Hebo is OK why are a lot of their total defenders now attempting to burn Dunham and her pooch and boyfriend, at the stake….

    Anyway, even the cover which is no small stick in the eye of Hillary is enough for the howl, then I hit this article and it was total hernia time.