Stray Voltage on Pineapple Street?

Dr. Heather Thomson of Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital writes with news of possible stray voltage on the north side of Pineapple Street between Henry and Hicks.  She’s heard reports of eight dogs getting minor shocks, none requiring hospitalization.

Reportedly, ConEd has been notified but hasn’t yet assessed/remedied the problem.

Posting this just to get the word out so that dog-walkers can be aware and perhaps avoid the area.
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  • Andrew Porter

    Yesterday, I noticed yellow tape in front of a part of 59 Pineapple Street, forcing people into the ice and frozen slush in the street, but there were no other warning signs.

  • Mary

    Don’t know if this is 59 Pineapple’s reason, but our building on Clinton had to yellow tape the main entrance due to ice falling from the air conditioners. If possible, it’s a good idea for street-facing apartments to clear ice and snow as it accumulates. Just not when people are on the sidewalk below…

  • Carey Dack Reidy

    Con ED had been working all weekend on correcting the stray voltage on Pineapple Street between Henry and Hicks Streets. The current appears to run from near the entrance of #59 Pineapple out into the street. Thinking the problem had been fixed, my husband just took our dog out for a walk (Sunday 2/8 8:30pm) and once again our dog was shocked. Fire Department was dispatched and Con Ed Emergency has been alerted, but no ETA. AVOID PINEAPPLE STREET WITH YOUR PETS UNTIL STRAY VOLTAGE IS CONFIRMED FIXED.

  • Carey Dack Reidy

    Update: Con Ed fixed the stray current. A new streetlight was recently installed in front of 59 Pineapple and the old electric line was never cut. Their meter found 36 watt current running thru the sidewalk. They cut it, and it’s now at zero.

  • Teresa

    Thanks for the updates, Carey, and glad that your dog is OK.

  • Teresa

    Just got word that a similar incident happened near 49 Cranberry St…ConEd has been notified.

  • Carey Dack Reidy

    Thanks, Teresa.

  • Hicks St Guy

    Hey, a few less pathetic, wimpy, nervous frou frou dogs would be okay.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Watts don’t discriminate.