Here are the Renderings for the Three Townhouses To Fill Vacant Lot On Hicks Street

The lot at 295-299 Hicks Street has been vacant since the 1940s, but the Landmarks Preservation Commission has cleared the way for that to change. On Tuesday, the LPC approved a proposal to build three four-story townhouses on the site, Evan Bindelglass reported for Curbed NY.

The townhouses were designed by Krista Demirdache of Nikolai Katz Architect and the commission felt the design presented Tuesday was a great improvement over the one presented back in September. Each unit will have four bedrooms as well as front and rear terraces.

Evan Bindelglass is a local freelance journalist and contributor to Curbed NY. He also contributes to Brooklyn Heights Blog. You can e-mail him, follow him on Twitter @evabin, or check out his personal blog.

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  • johnny cakes


  • William Gilbert

    Absolutely perfect!

  • Andrew Porter

    The lot was NOT “vacant”—it was occupied by parking for the Catholic Charities offices on that block. For an example of a truly vacant lot, where the new building at 75 Pineapple Street now stands was vacant and rubble filled for more than 40 years.

  • johnny cakes

    Absolutely, perfectly, boring.

  • Jorale-man

    These do the job. I’ll take them over something disastrously out of scale/context anyhow.

    Speaking of empty (or half-empty) lots, I wonder when the abandoned townhouse at Monroe Place and Clark ever going to be restored. It’s been sitting there half-demolished for the better part of five years on prime real estate.

  • William Gilbert

    Perhaps you should relocate to a more exciting neighborhood? In case you haven’t noticed, this is what most of the neighborhood looks like and that’s why we live here and that’s why it’s protected!

  • johnny cakes

    These buildings are plain-looking, cheap-looking, and boring. No character. No class. (Unlike most of the rest of the neighborhood.) They look cheap, and uninspiring. Take a walk, yourself. Nobody likes boring architecture. Boring is just forgetful. Yawn.

  • MyShinyNewHandle

    To enhance the design, one could make that first floor window round.

  • William Gilbert

    Boring is subjective. Your “boring” is another person’s “nice”.
    When you become a real estate baron, purchase some land and hire a “starchitect” you can build something to dazzle.

    In the meantime, talk is cheap and this thread is getting boring!

  • johnny cakes

    Bill, are you the one building those bland, boring buildings? I guess so. What a waste of good space.

  • johnny cakes

    It would cost more.

  • CassieVonMontague

    My suggestions:
    1. The cornices look off. Too much of a gap between them. They’re modern, but not modern enough. Since the rest of the building isn’t modern either, add some dentals or other details to the cornices.

    2. The oriel windows are too thin and will look cramped and cheap at this scale. Get rid of them.

    3. I think 90-92 Hicks are of a similar style and scale if the developers are looking for something to emulate.

  • Heights Observer

    No, coat. The entire building
    surface with a LED/lcd screen.
    that way we can have the first
    fully variable color building.
    in the Heights..or anywhere…
    We can have an instant 1950’s
    Canarsie Christmas decorations
    with the added feature of motion.
    Hey, what’s that I hear downstairs?
    Why, it’s a joint swat team from
    the BHA and landmarks preserva
    tion breaking in…..