Tale of the Tweets: Ebola Doc Bowls in Brooklyn

We’ve created a simple Twitter widget for you to follow the latest on the case of Ebola discovered today and the infected doctor’s stop in Brooklyn:

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  • Doug Biviano

    In Brooklyn you’re more likely to die in an ambulance BECAUSE CUOMO and de BLASIO CLOSED OUR LICH HOSPITAL than from Ebola.

  • Jorale-man

    Jeez, there’s a lot of stupidity on that Twitter hashtag feed.

    And the doctor with ebola was not from Brooklyn but Harlem. He went bowling once in Williamsburg but it was before he was showing symptoms.

  • notmyusualhastag

    Wait, what??? ” latest on the case of Ebola discovered today in Brooklyn” OMG Homer. Are you drunk?

  • Doug Biviano

    Ebola Racism? Nahhh…Fear & Folly Replacing Leadership Is More Like It.


  • BrooklynBugle

    Went with bowling! Too much?

  • Hicks

    Don’t go tabloid, Mr. Fink. No case of Ebola was found in BK yet. The Manhattan case had traveled in BK before he got symptoms. But you can bet the economy of bowling in Williamsburg is about to change.

  • Ed Wright
  • DIBS

    Of course posting the electron microscope phallic pic of the virus is a good way to get people focused. What a tease.

  • August West

    It’s outragous that we let people in this country who are traveling from west Africa. If you’ve been in that part of the world a person should be quarantined before they are allowed to come into the country. Domestic air carriers shouldn’t even be allowed to fly to that part of the world until this epidemic is under some sort of control.

  • Stil lLiving In The Heights

    Don’t worry Dibs. You’re safe in Bucks County for now.

  • Fritz

    First, maybe some props for Dr. Spencer risking his life to save Ebola victims in Africa under very difficult conditions? Maybe some hope for his recovery?

    Second, he turned himself in before his fever met the guideline. Original report of 103 was wrong, it was 100.3 which is technically not a fever by CDC guidelines. But he didn’t even have that when he left his house for bowling or whatever.

    Third, what support is being provided for people in self quarantine? Who is going to buy their groceries and take out their trash? Not to mention their not going to work.

  • Fritz

    I think half the people traveling to US from West Africa are American citizens, for what it’s worth. Are you saying quarantine in W Africa, in which case they could never come home?

  • August West

    Set up a quarantine area at a military base and get properly screened before you can enter the country. To travel from west Africa to the United States without being properly checked out seems ridiculous to me. Citizens or nationals of those west African countries should not even be allowed to come to this country.

  • BrooklynBugle

    Mr. Stools, Mr. Chubby et al – pick one name and stick to it.

  • Joe A

    Please, stop panicking. When did this country become such a nation of wusses?

  • T.K. Small

    Nearly 5 years ago and early in my blogging/social networking career, the world witnessed the tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti. Like many Americans, I wanted to do something to help out, but did not really know which organization could best use my donation.

    Around the same time, my late friend Laura Hershey wrote a compelling blog posting about the charitable work of Portlight Strategies, which specifically provides relief work directed towards people with disabilities. For me, the other important part of the Portlight Strategies story is that most of their charitable efforts are actually conducted by people with disabilities.

    Over the years, I have become good friends with one of the founders of Portlight Strategies, Paul Timmons and I just got off the phone with him, seeking his advice about which charity should receive my donation to fight the spread of Ebola in West Africa. Almost immediately, Paul recommended Doctors Without Borders and, given that the doctor in NYC recently diagnosed with Ebola was working in West Africa on their behalf, it makes perfect sense to make a donation to them.

    But beyond offering my $100, my contribution sends a message that people with disabilities can be part of the solution. All too often, people with disabilities are characterized as “takers” which is mean-spirited and unfair. Even if it is just a few dollars, or simply spreading the word of worthy organizations, volunteering and getting involved definitely makes a difference!


  • Doug Biviano

    I will contribute to Doctors Without Borders. Thanks TK.

  • cindy sm

    In recent years one of the greatest threats
    To the area’s health was the kind of
    “Medicine” being practiced at LICH

    The real truth is that for many in the
    Heights, LICH for good reason lost
    Their trust. This because of their gross
    Unprofessional conduct which and
    Members of my family saw over a
    Number of years from oxygen and
    Critical medications being turned off to wrong medications to wrong titration
    To staff behavior which had to be seen
    To be believed to serious security problems
    Left unaddressed for hours, they destroyed
    Their support for a broad number of
    Heights residents. Because of the behav-
    I or of LICH ‘ S staff and “administrators”
    People voted with feet and moved on.

    As a result of all of the above, (because Heights people aren’t stupid) we have two
    New neighborhood medical facilities… …Langone and Weill Cornell.

    Anyone reading this and not liking what
    I say…can Make the most of my remarks
    Because it’s the truth

  • cindy sm

    Wh at you are on asking for is a little sane
    Behavior by officials and you see ONLY
    After the public made it clear they weren’t
    Going to stand for ONE more mistake that
    Cuomo and Mr Jersey stampeded and
    Announced a quarantine. ONLY when
    The public anger and justify able fear
    Was at the edge of an absolute explosion
    Was there a reversal in policy and:s some
    Reasonable actions were forthcoming

    Thats the way governments work kids…

  • T.K. Small

    Thank you! Feel free to spread the word!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    That is your opinion and experience, Cindy. There were some bad times at LICH, especially due to poor management but there are many of us who were treated well and healed at LICH — thus, the support by the many community groups, Patients for LICH, etc.

    Also, there are bad experiences to be had at any hospital — even at Langone, which is not offering us anything close to a hospital. Someone I know was just treated at Mt. Sinai and that was not a perfect experience either.

  • cindy sm

    Comparing LICH with Langone is
    Like comparing an exoticar with
    A broken disease Bearing ox cart
    Driven by an nearly blind driver.
    There are medical. Mistakes every-
    Where? Sure but what are the
    AMOUNT and the DEGREE of the
    errors and what safeguards exist
    To limit any damage? And it’s my
    Experience? That was the unsavory
    General experience of All of my
    Friends experience..which is why
    They are gone.

  • Brooklynbugleisana**

    It’s none of your f*****g business what name I use you stool face.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Ok, Cindy — good luck with your exoticar World Class Langone Urgent Care Center. It will be very good if you cut your finger chopping onions.

  • cindy sm

    Your comments are snide in tone
    But I agree that there SHOULD be
    A world class medium level care
    Facility in place of LICH. The Heights
    certainly deserve this for no other
    reason the financial and social
    Contribution we make to this city…

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    If you think another glorified Urgent Care center is going to take care of us, then as I said before, “Good Luck.” You will need it and if you think that is snide — so be it. I’m disappointed in the level of uninformed ignorance in this community.

    And, you don’t have to bother expending your energy criticizing the fight to revive LICH. Your side — the greedy, lying, self-serving politicos and the contributors have already taken care of the people that wanted to keep a full-service hospital in our community.

  • PubliusBklyn