Throwback Thursday: George Clooney Yucks It Up at Van Sickel Salon While Filming Burn After Reading

It’s Throwback Thursday and this entry from October 3, 2007 is all about the recently married George Clooney’s visit to Middagh Street’s Van Sickel Salon while in the nabe filming the Coen Brothers’ Burn After Reading.

The folks at Van Sickel salon on Middagh Street not only had the opportunity to watch a major motion picture shoot right in front of their store, but according to reports had the privilege of offering Burn After Reading Star George Clooney use of their restroom. Now that’s show biz!

While the paparazzi may stalk celebs, these photos and others sent to us by BHB readers are a great representation of the excitement most of the neighborhood had for the shoot and the genuine friendliness of the cast and crew of the film.

Thank you Coen Brothers, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and John “That Portal is Mine” Malkovich. Come back soon!

P1010097.jpgP1010087.jpg P1010083.jpg

P1010066.jpg P1010090.jpgP1010082.jpg

Above (L – R) Clooney with Kevin Sussman (aka Ugly Betty’s ex-boyfriend Walter), Van Sickel in the thick of it, George thinks, hobnobs, Van Sickel crew ready for their close-up Mr. Coen, one more George

(click on thumbnail for larger version)

(Thanks to Mark at Van Sickel, Meg and Eric for the pics)

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  • Andrew Porter

    Still an excellent place to get your hair done. I’m a happy customer, have been going since they opened.