Hotel Bossert Won’t Reopen Until 2015

The Brooklyn Eagle reported Friday that the historic Hotel Bossert, which has been under renovation since June of 2013, will not reopen until 2015.

The 280-room Bossert—acquired in 2012 by David Bistricer and Joseph Chetrit—is in the midst of an extensive renovation to restore the crown jewel of Brooklyn Heights hotels to its former glory. Originally slated to reopen this summer, architect Columb Mahoney of Woods Bagot revealed Tuesday during a city Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing that no hotel operator has yet been identified, resulting in continued delays.

In response to an inquiry from the Brooklyn Eagle, a spokesman for Bistricer’s family business, Clipper Equity, said: “Clipper Equity is excited to open a fully renovated and modernized world-class hotel in Brooklyn Heights by early next year.”

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  • AEB

    It’s hard to imagine that people will flock to a hotel, no matter its charm and provenance, in BH. Especially considering the prices that are sure to be charged.

  • mn

    Hope it stays closed.

  • Andrew Porter

    Are you kidding? Just today I talked to tourists from Georgia, Michigan, France, and a big family group from Australia. If they can stay in the area and explore BH, BBP, DUMBO and other locales, they surely will.

  • AEB

    We shall see, Andrew….

  • Frenchbull

    how about sports teams/others playing at barclays- they might stay there

  • Klezmer O’Brien

    Yes. Surely they’ll enjoy all the friendly welcoming people they’ll find here!

  • Andrew Porter

    2013 article talked about five new hotels already open in Brooklyn, another ten on the way:

  • elemengee

    I think the Bossert Hotel will be a success because of its location. A spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline, and easy access to the major subway lines into Manhattan, plus the charm of BH are other reasons to stay at the Bossert. If they have a good dining and catering service, the guests, residents of the Heights, and many of the organizations in the area will use these facilities. I have fond memories of the good times had at the old Bossert and look forward to the new Bossert.

  • C.

    Barclays Center has an exclusive deal with the Marriott, which is much closer than this.

  • Frenchbull

    so much for my thought about barclays folks-we will just have to see who stays there but sounds like a heck of a lot of rooms for that bldg-imagine rooms will be quite small?

  • jw

    I heard they have major management problems !