Wheaton Terrier Abandoned at Hillside Seeks Fosters or Forever Home

Last week this beautiful dog was abandoned at Hillside Dog Run.  Hillside volunteers have taken care of him since. He’s been to the vet to get rid of an eye and paw infection, and is in good health. Popeye  is a Wheaten Terrier which the vet estimates at approximately 5 years old, is neutered, no microchip, very good with people, not so social with other dogs. The good folks at Rocco and Jezebel have washed and groomed him.

We’re seeking people to help with Popeye’s temporary fostering until he can be placed into his forever home.

If you can help foster for a few days or if you’re interested in adopting this beauty, please email Scott Voloshin at scottvoloshin@gmail.com.

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  • DIBS

    What kindof people abandon a dog like that in this manner????

  • PubliusBklyn

    Likely someone desperate who couldn’t care for the dog anymore and who didn’t want to turn him into the AC&C. It’s sad, but hopefully this guy will have a happy ending.

  • Reggie

    I am in no position to adopt a dog, but those pictures are unfairly cute.

  • Bartmann_van_Ghent

    Does this park in general serve as a dumping ground for unwanted dogs? I seem to recall seeing a similar post in the past.

  • PubliusBklyn

    Fortunately not. We get about one abandoned dog every 2-3 years. We have volunteers who are willing to step up when such an event does happen to rescue the dog and try to prevent the dog being sent to Animal Care and Control, where there’s still way too high an euthanasia rate — even though strides have been made so that NYC can be a “no kill” city in the not distant future.

    We at Hillside are park goers who enjoy off-leash time with our dogs and fellow dog owners. It’s a wonderful community and resource for the nabe.

    We’re always hesitant about publicizing these rescues because we don’t want our dog run or any dog run to be known as a place to adbandon a dog. We’re not a rescue society and not set up to handle it. We know we can’t save every dog who needs saving, but when one falls into our backyard, as this dog has, we try to handle the situation. It’s often not easy, as most of us have day jobs and other dogs. Please spread this post far and wide so we can get this terrific Wheaten Terrier adopted.

  • Bartmann_van_Ghent

    This is very reassuring. Thank you for elucidating.

  • Susan

    If unable to find him a good, loving home might want to contact wheatenterrierrescue.org. They take unwanted wheatens (why anyone wouldn’t want one shocks me, they are great dogs) and finds forever homes for them.

  • PubliusBklyn

    Received word today that Popeye was adopted to his forever home. Big thanks to Hillsiders who rescued and worked to get this pooch adopted.