Open Thread Wednesday 4/9/14

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  • Bigdave

    Heights Cafe Caesar salad with grilled chicken. Came initially without chicken. Dressing no way a caesar – hello lemon hello anchovies hello Worcestershire sauce hello garlic. It was virtually dry. Had to ask for lemon and cheese. Are salads not prepared by chefs? The staff how ever is terrific.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Where’s a good place to get an antique lamp rewired?

  • 25MonroePlace

    On “new” Heights Cafe —
    Went there on Sunday and barely anything is new!? The owners gave the impression we would have an unrecognizable establishment and menu. It didnt’ seem that way. Same bar, same chairs, same crumby booths. Only changes were ugly wall paper and bleached floors.
    As for the food, same old stale menu. Can someone help me out here!?! Was it supposed to be so…bland?

  • Alec

    the Montague curse lives. I am guessing some voodoo chef in the early 1900s who got booted out of his restaurant over a rent dispute is the culprit for said curse.

  • Eddyde

    More like the late 1900’s when the Promenade, Leaf & Bean and Capulets were forced out.

  • Eddyde

    I can do it for you, I live on Montague, shoot me an email address.

  • Andrew Porter

    Went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Wednesday, and can report the magnolias and daffodils are coming out, as is the forsythia and witch hazel. Also, lots of early spring plants are making up for lost time. Caleb, who made the herb garden shine, has decamped for the Cloisters!

  • lauren

    Can anyone recommend a good orthopedic doctor in the area? Thanks!

  • Hickster

    Apologies if this topic has been covered before, but I always thought the JWs refrained from proselytizing or otherwise preaching their ways in this hood? They’ve been set up in the Clark St station for a while, and handing out magazines by High St. What’s up with that?