Little Pluto Wants Your World to Revolve Around Him!

Like his namesake planetary body, our Pluto is a little guy, but his heart and his spirit belie his physical stature. Rescued from a hoarder house with two other cats, he had stopped eating and developed a type of anorexia, but in the care and comfort of his Brooklyn Heights foster mother’s home, he’s become a happy, healthy, normal feline, though he’s probably never going to be a big cat.

He loves food and he loves to play, scampering around and under furniture, playing hide-and-seek with both humans and other cats. A talkative little chap, he adores his feline friends, seeking snuggles with them, and we’d love if he could go an adoptive home with his favorite feline Cosey, who has decided that it’s her job to take care of her little apartment-mate.

“He has a crush on an older kitty we would like to place with him,” writes their foster mother.  “I didn’t realize how close they were until I went away and a friend watched Pluto for me. Now that they are back together, he follows her everywhere and she is very maternal towards him, grooming him, etc.”

Both cats are healthy, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and FIV/FeLV negative.  You can meet them at their Brooklyn Heights foster home and take home your very own celestial body!




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