Brooklyn Heights Resident Lena Dunham Is Hosting Saturday Night Live This Weekend

“Girls” creator/star/Brooklyn Heights resident Lena Dunham will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The National will be the musical guest, making the show quite Brooklyn-centric.

Earlier this season, SNL parodied Dunham’s HBO series:

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  • Andrew Porter

    The SNL parody is so much better than the actual show… definitely not for my demographic. So, while Dunham is hosting at 30 Rock, will there be a wild viewing party in her place?

  • Horrified

    Embarrassing. She is a repulsive, disgusting excuse for entertainment. This says a lot about how our society has degenerated.

  • Joe A

    I think your comment is more much indicative of how our society has degenerated.

    Just because YOU don’t care for her “entertainment” doesn’t change the obvious fact that many do. Can you even contemplate that her show might appeal to a demographic which you may not be a member? Does your self-absorption not allow for the possibility of differing tastes? Your use of words like repulsive and disgusting tells us much more about yourself then they do the highly acclaimed Ms. Dunham.

    You can go back to watching your “Duck Dynasty” now that you have gotten your misogyny out of your system.

  • hicks st guy

    . .and if there is a “wild viewing party”, call the cops, not allowed in the retirement community known as Bklyn Hghts.

  • GHB

    I can only assume that you got your name after looking in a mirror…

  • David on Middagh

    For anyone who’s interested, last year’s enlightening radio interview with Alec Baldwin (45 min.):