Love Lane Garage Going Condo?

lovelanegarageThe NY Daily News is reporting that the Love Lane Garage may be going the way of the dinosaur and coverted to housing.  While we love new neighbors (especially the kind who support local business and contribute to the tax base),  the loss of 400 parking spaces is downright scary.

NY Daily News: Nearly a quarter of Brooklyn Heights' highly coveted paid parking spaces could disappear if a developer is given the green light to shutter a garage and build luxury condos in its place.

Sterling Equities, the group that owns the New York Mets, is in the earliest stages of a project that would add 40 condos on Love Lane – and eliminate 400 parking slots.

Merely the thought of it has frenzied drivers circling like sharks in search of scant available parking at garages and lots across downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights.

"I didn't want to be the last one jumping out of the ship," said Montague St. Key Food co-owner Ivan Arguello, who fled the four-level garage for another parking lot nearby.

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