Brooklyn Hospital Bids to Keep LICH Partially Open, But Won’t Treat Critical Cases

According to Crain’s, Brooklyn Hospital has joined with a private equity investor and a real estate developer to propose taking over Long Island College Hospital and converting much of its campus to “1.000 mixed income apartments.” According to the Crain’s story, the main hospital building

…would be repurposed as a comprehensive care center with ambulance service and a freestanding emergency department open around the clock where non-critical acute illnesses or injuries would be treated. Other proposed services include radiology, laboratory and endoscopy services, outpatient surgery, an infusion center, outpatient physical therapy, and physician offices.

Crain’s says it is not clear how the state or SUNY will respond to this proposal. Brooklyn Hospital is located at 121 DeKalb Avenue in Fort Greene.

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  • hospitalsNOTcondos

    We all need to get on the phone & tell that to the mayor. He may need reminding about those charts he made showing how far we’d have to travel for a real emergency room & talking about how risky that would be to our lives.

  • gbkm

    You can’t go to Brooklyn Hospital if you have a stroke that needs surgery to save you – they don’t have a neurosurgery service. It was one of the 5 LICH specialties ranked among the top in the nation & LICH is a designated stroke center. You cant go to Brooklyn Hospital if you have a heart attack either. Ambulances cant take you there. They don’t do angioplasty that you’d need to open up your blocked artery. LICH has the only such center in the area (and its still in operation). So how far do you have to go to find the care you need in those life-threatening emergencies?The longer you have to travel, more of you brain or heart will be damaged or dead. So when you say we don’t need LICH because there’s Brooklyn Hospital, well it can’t replace LICH because it can’t provide the same services, so you’re dead wrong. Better you than me.