Brooklyn Heights Library Summer Hours Extended

For those of you making plans to hit the Brooklyn Heights Library in the next couple of weeks take note of this dispatch from a BHB tipster:

“After some internal discussion, we’ve made a decision to extend the summer hours program to Sept. 14th. We’ve done this in anticipation of continued warm weather through early September. This will keep the branch operating in a regular manner. The normal hours and staffing will resume on Monday, Sept. 16th.”

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  • marshasrimler

    We need to contract our the administration of the Brooklyn Public Library to the Queens Public Library. They are more efficient, do not plan the destruction of their branches and just opened a light filled above ground branch in glen oaks ,queens

  • Arch Stanton

    Why is that significant, are most of the other branches below ground?

  • marshasrimler

    the plan for our new branch-which will not happen is partiallly underground. It is as if the library feels we the public belongs underground in the basement

  • Lori

    That is why we need a new library.

  • Roberto

    Sadly, the discourse seems to break down into pro and anti-library camps. I found the following on a site called Fun on the Net The World’s Best Libraries:
    “Libraries represent man’s most successful attempt in democratizing knowledge. In the modern age, these magnificent institutions have also developed into important social structures that facilitate not just the reading of books, but a meeting point of different people, different ideas, discussion and debate. Libraries, especially the ones featured on this list tend to be the epicenter of activity in neighbourhood in which they are located.” In NYC, libraries make it possible for thousands of citizens to read books, participate in community programs for people of all ages and to have free access to the internet. They are public treasures that must be strengthened.

  • marshasrimler

    The current plan is for a shrunken underground library

  • carlotta

    And the plan that the CEO of the BPL, Linda Johnson, spoke about at the Micah Kellner hearing, was that the private developer of this library would leave the space open so that the BPL would have to use it’s money to build it out!! Kellner asked why the developer wasn’t building it out! Duh.

  • Andrew Porter

    Filled with shrunken heads?

  • carlotta

    Why do we need a new library??? In a high rise??? Why does the public building have to be torn down so that a developer can make loads of money and then put a small library space (not the library itself) into the first and basement floors? What was that reason, you say??? Because the libraries have been underfunded for years? Because it’s too difficult for our public employees who run the BPL to find other ways to find the money to fix up and modernize our public library??? And dare I suggest the mixing of public employees with private money??

  • marshasrimler

    yes.. we need big heads not shrunken heads

  • HenryLoL

    So great that the neighborhood will have a brand new library (who cares if it is partially or fully underground??) and also housing on Cadman Plaza West, which – especially in this location – seems desolate at night. Progress is good. Things cant stay the same forever. So funny that commenters here are against it (and most change) when almost everyone applauds all the changes to the Hood in last 10 years.

  • Pineappler

    I’m enjoying the Brooklyn Heights branch’s summer hours. I’m able to pick up my books on hold before heading into the office in the morning. I hope when the hours change in the fall, they keep the 8 AM opening time.

  • MonroeOrange

    you constantly mention how dangerous you think Cadman Plaza is at night…i can’t think of one mugging that has happened there..i walk down it almost every night, and while it is desolate, that doesn’t mean dangerous…you seem like you are scared of your own shadow….good luck