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dwayne4So, the superintendent of our 25+ tenant co-op building has left for another job elsewhere (actually, he was “poached” by our own management company, but that’s another story), which has left us in a bind. We are torn between finding another on-site superintendent, who would live rent free in a studio apartment, or hiring some sort of janitorial/property maintenance company or companies to handle the building responsibilities and renting out the apartment. I’m wondering: What do you guys use? Does your co-op have an on-site super or have arrangements with some sort of service? Any recommendations? I keep seeing vans for “Square Indigo” around the neighborhood, are they any good?

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  • DrewB

    Our 18-unit co-op has a part time super. He comes about 20 hrs per week. Handles the garbage, cleans up, and does a few minor odd jobs along the way. It works out pretty well.

  • Broke

    The rundown buildings on the end of Columbia Place near the dog run (around #40) have a wonderful super named Mr. Best. He used to work at a Remsen Street Co-op for years. He can be found most mornings fixing the garbage and doing sidewalk work. Try him. He’s honest, hardworking and always looking for extra work.

  • Qfwfq

    DrewB, you can have a part-time super for that size co-op? I thought for buildings with 9+ units, you needed either a live-in super, or a 24-hour janitorial/maintenance service?

  • Leefamsince WWII

    There’s a great guy ‘Jesus’ who is the Super of the building at the beginning of Remsen St. (across from where the Promenade’s ramp is) He lives there with his wife. I’m pretty sure he handles at least another building in the nab.
    My super is also live-in, but I think he’s retiring soon. His son Tito might take over – he’s great!

    I think it’s always better when you have a live-in. Primarily so you can find your super in an emergency.

    Good Luck!