#SaveLICH Rally Theme: Where’s Cuomo?

Arriving at the rally in one of the small playgrounds adjoining LICH this morning, I found Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez speaking eloquently about the need to save the hospital, and its importance to the people in nearby neighborhoods.

Public Advocate and mayoral aspirant Bill de Blasio listened to Rep. Velazquez’s speech.

As this young lady and her dad watched, it was announced that SUNY had ordered an immediate shutdown of LICH’s obstetrics ward for new deliveries.

LICH nurse Maribel Agosto urged everyone to action. She noted the hospital’s vital role in treating victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Doctor Melman said SUNY’s claims of understaffing creating a danger for patients at the emergency room, and at LICH in general, were not true.

City Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn listened attentively.

City Councilman Brad Lander, who played the part of Judge Johnny Lee Baynes, and two women who played the part of lawyers, presented a dramatic reading, based on courtroom transcript, of events in Judge Baynes’ courtroom on Wednesday as news was brought in of SUNY’s order to divert ambulances from LICH. Judge Baynes said this would be a “clear violation” of his earlier order, and set a conference with lawyers for both sides, SUNY and the Nurses’ Union, for this coming Monday. The Judge said he hoped there would be “better news” about compliance with the court’s order. He has also scheduled a hearing for July 15 at which SUNY must show cause why it should not be held in contempt of the order. One intriguing possibility is that the Judge might, as he has said he could, seize control of LICH from SUNY and appoint an administrator to run LICH on a temporary basis.

Susan Raboy, whose life was saved by an emergency procedure at LICH, made an impassioned plea to save the hospital.

Roy Sloane of the Cobble Hill Association said Governor Cuomo was the key to saving LICH, and that everyone needed to urge him to take action.

City Councilman Steve Levin lent his support to the cause.

State Senator Daniel Squadron, a Carroll Gardens resident, spoke while holding his son, Theo.

The LICH supporters then marched to Borough Hall, all the way shouting “Governor Cuomo, save LICH!” They then assembled on the Borough Hall steps.

The final speaker was Dr. Alice Garner of the LICH neonatal care unit, who forcefully said she saw no reason to close LICH’s obstetrics unit.

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  • William Goodman

    Money is the mother’s milk of politics.

  • maribel

    We want to thank the entire community of Brooklyn and beyond our borough for supporting our demonstrations. We want everyone to know the doctors, nurses and staff are doing everything to make sure LICH IS OPEN FOR CARE. Tomorrow, SUNY DOWNSTATE will return to court for hearings with Honorable Justice Johnny Lee Baynes Supreme Court of the State of New York.

    In spite of a modified restraint order issued on June 20, 2011 SUNY DOWNSTATE directed to divert 911 emergency service away from LICH.
    I have been asked what can I do? Please call Nancy Zimpher Chancellor SUNY DOWNSTATE at 1-518- 320-1355 tell her to stop putting Brooklyn patients at risk. Start accepting ambulances at Long Island College Hospital.

    For updates on the changing situation at LICH please log on to lichmedicalstaff.org. For over 150 years LICH has done many firsts! We need to demand that SUNY DOWNSTATE be maintained as a full service hospital until it is transferred to a World Class Hospital Operator.


  • Susan Raboy

    we must continue to speak out. Shame on SUNY and

    Shame on governor Cuomo. LICH Saves Lives so we must Save LICH. Please call ChanCZimZim

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Nurses to Hold Health Fair & Protest at LICH Today at 4:30 PM

    Nurses, community leaders, and patients will hold a health fair and protest at Long Island College Hospital at 4:30 pm today.

    LICH is fully staffed and able to provide safe care for patients. But on Thursday, SUNY began diverting ambulances from the hospital, creating chaos across other Brooklyn hospitals. Patients are still walking in and getting care at LICH.

    Nurses will conduct health screenings, educate patients, and speak out against the open defiance of the court’s order keeping LICH open for care.

    When: Today, Sunday June 23 at 4:30 pm.

    Who: The New York State Nurses Association, caregivers, doctors, and concerned community.

    Where: Corner of Amity and Hicks Street near LICH

    Message from NY Nurses Assn.