Corner Of Hicks & Atlantic Realigned To Ease Congestion

The Department of Transportation begins work this week on a project aimed at easing congestion in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill. Improvements will be made on Hicks Street, near Atlantic Avenue and the BQE, “where speeding and heavy traffic have been a longtime concern for community members,” according to news reports.

DOT will add planters alongside roads to force drivers to slow down and create curb extensions to shorten pedestrian crosswalks. The lanes will also be altered to have two narrower moving ones next to a parking lane. The project was proposed last June. No word on when it will be completed.

More on Brownstoner.

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  • petercow

    Great news.

  • Andrew Miller

    Do you have a link to another story on this or bigger pictures? Its hard to understand what’s happening based on this small image.

  • Hicks St Guy

    omg, imconveniencing drivers, awaiting the inevitable howling and boo-

  • mucow

    The presentation the DOT gave to community board 6 is available here:

  • petercow

    I don’t think this will inconvenience drivers, and by having traffic flow better (no line cutting, etc).,should aid in efficient traffic movement.

  • eisengator

    This work has already been done. Maybe the DOT is making some additional modifications but the work described in the linked presentation has already been completed.

  • mucow

    Yeah, I’m not sure what BHB is referring to in this post, exactly.

  • mucow
  • petercow

    Have the raised traffic islands been poured? As I recall, they put in temporaries, until they could pour the concrete in spring (now).

  • eisengator

    The concrete islands were poured last summer.

  • MonroeOrange

    This is a problematic entrance regardless of this new plan. The issue is that this is a notoriously difficult on ramp to enter the highway and the stop sign backs up the traffic, but there isn’t enough room for a yield. While living by this entrance years ago, I heard accidents every day here. I would think that this new plan will actually not help, and further back up the traffic as both lanes from Hicks are left turning lanes, so this will funnel that traffic into one lane at the intersection. I will admit, as a driver, i just don’t see any solution that would work here due to the layout of the entrance and street. And if any place needed a 3 million dollar bridge, it is that crosswalk!

  • David in Brooklyn Heights

    “The issue is that this is a notoriously difficult on ramp to enter the highway…”

    MO is correct. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that a car which had missed its chance to enter the on-ramp lane was blocking the next one, waiting for someone to let him in, while ticked off cars slowed down behind him then finally sped around him in frustration (arcing into the *oncoming* lane as they did).

    I don’t know if the “no more cutting” layout is reducing accidents and clogs, but it hasn’t eliminated the chaos.

  • Toby

    None of the DOT proposals offer any remedy for the blatant disregard for traffic lights at Hick and Atlantic, where the mass exodus from Hicks on to the BQE stifles through traffic on Atlantic every morning.