PS8 Acknowledges BHA Contribution For Middle School Launch

At PS8’s benefit auction last Friday at Plymouth Church, the Brooklyn Heights public school acknowledged the generous gift from the Brooklyn Heights Association last spring to help launch PS8’s new middle school. In fact, BHA offered PS8 a greater contribution than DOE.

The event included a presentation from Councilman Steve Levin. In the photo: Jane McGroarty, BHA President; Cristina Soto, PS 8 PTA Co-President; Judy Stanton of the BHA; Liz Pitofsky, PS 8 PTA Co-President; and Levin.

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  • josue

    Great that they are supporting our school,…..but it is disingenous to claim it is a greater contibution that the DOE. Every school in NYC receives per pupil funding of over $20K/student. (
    Now if people stopped sending their kids to private school we would have more money invested in the public system and our local schools!

  • PS 8 parent

    You didn’t read the post carefully. It says a “gift from the BHA…to help launch PS8’s new middle school.” The BHA gave more launch money than the DOE. The post doesn’t say anything about annual per-pupil funding. (Your stat is an average anyway.) Not ‘disingenous’ [sic] at all.

  • roniruby

    Is this the MS in the Westinghouse building? I heard a MS was also being planned for DUMBO.

  • stuart

    it would be a nice public service to explain what middle school you are writing about.

  • Fed Up

    I don’t like the idea that BHA membership dollars (of which some are mine) are being spent on the launch of a public school. That money should come from general tax revenues or from the parents themselves (you know, the ones who actually produce the children and then expect everyone else to pay to educate them.) I don’t have children and have been supporting and paying for public schools with my considerable taxes for over 40 years and don’t like the idea of giving any more than I have to give. It is simply not fair. I am not saying that society should not pay for public schools, but enough is enough.

    The BHA is not, and should not be, the supplier of education seed money. Get it from somewhere else. When my membership expires, I will not renew it.

  • PS 8 parent

    So….you would prefer to have the lower real estate values that come when there are no strong public schools in the neighborhood?

    The less well-educated younger generation in charge of society when you are old and gray?

  • MonroeOrange

    Fed Up…i agree with you completely…

    PS 8 Parent…our real estate values have nothing to do with PS 8…our value has always been strong…even in the 80’s when PS8 was a school you would hardly recognize.

  • HenryLoL

    Totally agree, Fed Up! I would have never joined the BHA if I knew they would be giving my hard-earned money to the public school.

  • Fed Up!

    How many trees could have been planted with that $10,000? Now something like tree planting would really improve our real estate values and that is something that the BHA should have done with that money!

  • Astonished on Willow Street

    You folks are joking, right? Trees over good schools??

    The people who run the BHA have more sense than some of their members, apparently.