Mmm Mmm Good: Dellcarocco’s Of Brooklyn Updates Pizzeria Menu

Locally owned brick-oven pizzeria Dellcarocco’s Of Brooklyn at 214 Hicks Street has updated its menu with two new appetizers and three entre items. The restaurant has enjoyed consistent success since it opened in July 2012—just take a walk through the Heights before trash pick-up and its signature pizza boxes are lovingly laid to rest by the dozens.

“We want to make sure we’re offering a diversity of menu items for our clientele, to keep things exciting and interesting,” co-owner Greg Markman tells BHB—particularly as the eatery anticipates a potential influx of customers with the Summer 2013 opening of the Bossert Hotel, across the street. In line, D’s has also brought in a new chef to continue its evolution.

New on the menu: * a Vegetable Red Pizza featuring Tomato Mozzarella, Eggplant, Zucchini, Mixed Peppers and Shaved Parmigiano, with a dash of Extra Virgin Olive. * a Porcini White Pizza, with Mozzarella, Porcini Mushrooms, Shaved Parmigiano and E.V.O. * And a Gamberi White Pizza, with Mozzarella, Shrimp, Zucchini, Parsley and E.V.O.

And the two new appetizers: * Meatballs Napoletane, featuring a classic red sauce seasoned with tomatoes and Basil and topped with Parmigiano Reggiano * and Red Pepper Gratinati, offering a mash of Sauteed Red Peppers, Gaeta Olives and Sicilian Capers.

Dellaorocco’s pizzas are cooked in a wood-burning brick oven imported from Italy, alongside a wine & beer cafe. It is O&O’d by Brooklyn-bred brothers Greg and Glenn Markman and Joseph Secondino (who has known the bros for 30+ years)—also partners of the Heights Cafe next door at 84 Montague Street.

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  • Joe Dudas

    Glad to see this! Their pies are fantastic. The Tartufo alone is worth writing home about.

  • Frank

    I’ve had the calzone and pizza here and both are good but definitely over priced for what it is. But better than most other bland montague restaurants, including heights Cafe

  • sockmom

    Ordered pizza from this spot last week and it was raw in the middle…

  • Charmant

    I went there for dinner and it was very good but way overpriced for a fancy pizza joint. Will not go back too often.

  • Duc

    I’m sorry but the pizza and apps at this place are disgusting.