A Look at DOH Ratings of Brooklyn Heights Restaurants

A look at NYC Health Violation Ratings for Brooklyn Heights (and all of 11201) reveal that you stand a good chance of avoiding horse meat and various vermin amid your dinner menu items at 99% of the nabe’s eateries.

Among the 103 restaurants and other establishments serving food, the only “C” rating currently on the books is Curry Heights, 151 Remsen Street.

Unless otherwise noted, an “A” rating has been bestowed by Health Inspectors to all local destinations…

Andy’s Chinese Restaurant, 128 Montague Street
Antonio’s Pizzeria, 32 Court Street
Archives, 333 Adams Street
Clark’s Restaurant 80 Clark Street
El Tio Pio, 119 Court Street
Grand Canyon Diner, 141 Montague Street
Happy Days Diner, 148 Montague Street
Lichee Nut, 162 Montague Street
My Little Pizzeria, 114 Court Street
Ozu Japanese Cuisine & Lounge 78 Clark Street
Park Plaza Diner, 220 Cadman Plaza West
St. Francis Acquista Food Service 180 Remsen Street
Tenda Asian Bistro, 118 Montague Street
Teresa’s Restaurant, 80 Montague Street

Curry Heights, 151 Remsen Street

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  • TeddyNYC

    If you have an iPhone or other iOS device, ABCEats is a great app (free) from the city to check grades and violations for all eateries in the city. I’m not sure if there’s an Android version of the app.


  • ab_bklyn

    Not surprised about the rating for Curry Heights. About a year ago we ordered delivery from them and just as we put the bag on the counter and opened it, a roach crawled out. That was the last time we ordered from them. Disappointing, because I thought their food was actually quite good.

  • Knight

    I find it interesting that now that Great Wall changed hands it went from a “C” (at best) to an “A” rating. It doesn’t look any different. I still think there was personal bad blood between the regular inspector and the previous managers.

  • Joe A

    The ratings are not based on bad blood but on measurable objective criteria.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Dancygier/622058542 Aaron Dancygier

    You can get an android version from http://www.nychealthratings.com/nycrestapp/mobile

    nyc health ratings referenced in this post is actually my site.

  • Disgusted

    Having discovered dead roaches in my breakfast selection a couple of times, I am not surprised to see Clark’s on the list of “B”s. I stopped going there years ago.