Brooklyn Bridge Park Offers Camps, Clinics, Leagues

This year the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is offering participation in youth and adult soccer leagues which will use the new fields on Pier 5 (see photo). The youth leagues, divided into three levels by age, will have Saturday practice and games from March 2 through May 18, and optional Wednesday practices (presumably scheduled after school hours) from March 6 through May 15. Registration is $25 per child; registrants will be assigned to co-ed teams. The adult league (18 years and up) will consist of men’s and co-ed divisions (a co-ed team must have at least two women; theoretically, it could be all women), and will play games in a six versus six format (five plus a goalie) limited to fifty minutes. Games will be on Wednesday evenings from March 6 through May 29, with start times from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. Registration is $130 for an individual, or $1,300 for a team of up to twelve. More details on soccer leagues are here.

The Conservancy also plans to offer volleyball leagues, an “oasis camp” (we wonder), a kayak camp (self-explanatory), and swim clinics. More details on these will be available later. Stay tuned.

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  • Heights Newbie

    Soccer program is a great idea. Did I miss something, though, or is there no option for young adults between the ages of 12 and 18?

  • Wiley E.

    No condos.

  • Claude Scales

    Heights Newbie: You’re right; there’s no Conservancy league for that age group. My guess is that the Conservancy believes there are already leagues serving that age group, either through schools or other voluntary organizations. Some of these may be using the Pier 5 fields, which are not limited to Conservancy sponsored leagues.

  • Gerry

    It is not a good idea to build condos here at BBP because the area floods when a hurricane arrives. And DUMBO was hit badly in the recent storm all the HVAC is in the basement, with parking garages, etc.

  • Alec

    Anyone down to start a soccer team? I’d join.

  • MonroeOrange

    only if Gerry plays

  • Knight

    Do they have a senior league?