Wednesday’s Wicked Deep Freeze

Winter is showing its true colors this week—with a dusting of snow this morning—while Wednesday is going to be the most frigid day we’ve yet had this season. By midnight, temps will settle at 17 degrees, continuing to dip before reaching their wicked low just before sunrise: 14 degrees.

The high during the day Wednesday, meanwhile, will be 22 degrees. Temps will remain in the low to mid 20s through the remainder of the week, with potential for snow flurries on Friday.

Instagram photo of a snow covered Promenade via mikekaram

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  • Andrew Porter

    I hope everyone here in BH realizes that the “official” temperatures as reported for NYC are always a few degrees lower here in BH. You can see this when it’s raining in Manhattan, but snowing here. Even in the summer, it’s always several degrees cooler here.

    Right now, NY 1 is reporting the temp as 16F, while my outdoor thermometer in the north Heights shows 10.

  • Jorale-man

    Interesting point. The wind is also considerably stronger in the Heights than in many parts of Manhattan. That’s a nice perk in the summertime but right now, it’s rough out there!

  • Andrew Porter

    We get the wind tunnel effect, too, when the wind hits the enormous Leverich Towers and St. George Tower, then funnels down Pineapple. Same effect as you get on Montague, in front of the Bossert, or at the corner of Montague and Court. Brrrrr!!!