36 Orange Street: Yours For A Mere $14,000 A Month

We were taken aback when a two-story carriage house at 21 Grace Court Alley was listed for rent in September for $11,500 a month ($138,000 a year). That opinion is apparently mutual: It remains on the market. But that’s peanuts compared with the Brooklyn Heights townhouse at 36 Orange Street that’s just been listed with Town Real Estate for $14,000 a month.

According to the listing, the four-story 20-foot wide, 2,840/sf townhouse offers 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, garage, a common patio and outdoor space, fireplace, W/D and central air. You can bring one cat, but no dogs. Oh, and no smoking.

Then again, how’s about 11 Cranberry Street, listed with Corcoran for a jaw-dropping $22K a month? Seriously? Is this Brooklyn Heights or Dubai Heights?

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  • Cranberry Beret

    Real estate rule of thumb is that house value should equal 20-25x annual rent. $14k/mo is a $3.3-$4.2 million house. That seems middle of the road for the heights when it comes to prices. Not Dubai, just very well off America.

  • Gerry

    @ Cranberry Beret – Last month I was told by a Corcoran broker that we could get a rent of $20K per month for our renovated brownstone here in Brooklyn Heights.

    This rent of $11K does not look that bad to me?

    Housing in Brooklyn Heights IS more expensive that the rest of well off America.

    We have been looking at homes in Farifeild County, Connecticut and Brooklyn Heights is costly compared to those asking prices.

    In Westport, Ct $2Million bucks gets you a 5000 square foot McMansion with a pool and a 3 bay garage, etc. new construction with ALL of the bells and wistles.

    In Westport no properties are moving these homes sit on the market month after month seems that buyers are not able to get financing banks want 3 perfect credit scores and pay stubs to prove payments can be made.

    Luxury homes are not selling in Connecticut.

  • lori

    I understand 157 Columbia Hts was for rent for $18K/month. It was empty for a few months, but it seems someone moved in recently. Not sure how you find out about rentals.

  • Gerry

    @ Lori – I did not believe the Corcoran broker who told us we could get $20K per month that is too high a rent even for our beautiful home.

    But is 157 Columbia Heights got nearly that than maybe we can get a VERY high rent.