Boneheads Restaurant Heading To 93 Court Street

A BHB tipster shares that the space at 93 Court Street—formerly Evergreen Deli—is soon to be opening as Boneheads Restaurant. The chain originated with chefs from South Africa and Atlanta, and specializes in grilled seafood dishes “in a casual, but fast setting.” It currently has locations in Atlanta, Memphis, Charlotte and Lake Forest. This is its premiere NYC location.

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  • C.

    Would have been a great spot for a tavern or bar. Don’t think the locals will support a fast food fish joint.

  • Wiley E.

    Michele Bachmann is supposed to be the assistant manager. Casual, and fast.

  • HenryLoL


  • AJ

    I’ve been to a boneheads in Florida – food is great – affordable, healthy and a nice addition to the hood.

  • Mr. Crusty

    @C “Would have been a great spot for a tavern or bar. Don’t think the locals will support a fast food fish joint.”

    I don’t think they are going after the “locals” so much as the people that flood into the area on a daily basis.

  • James

    Perfect match. They did their homework.

  • lori

    Sounds good to me. There’s a big lunch crowd in that area, so they don’t have to depend on the “Brooklyn Heights locals”.

  • C.

    I wasn’t referring to Brooklyn Heights locals. I was referring to Brooklynites in general and all the workers and daily visitors to the area. I just don’t see a fish place doing well.

  • C.

    But, I did notice that a place called “Brooklyn Brewhouse” is getting ready to open up on the retail level of the Indigo hotel on Duffield street. Now that sounds promising.

  • Boerum Bill

    Oh, I just don’t know about this.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Boneheads is not strictly seafood. Chicken, burgers, tacos, wraps, salads are all on the menu. I think it is a perfect fit for the area actually.

    Take a look at the very diverse menu.

  • Jim

    great addition to the neighborhood…i’ll definitely support

  • Wiley E.

    I’ll try it. Nothing like some fresh snapper.

  • Andrew Porter

    Lots of snappy comments here on the BHB, and you don’t even have to leave a tip!

  • Livingston

    Just FYI — in the area where Boneheads will be located, there is a food truck that specializes in fish. There is always a line at the truck around lunchtime. So yes, I do think the addition of fish-focused restaurant might fly.

    And for those bemoaning that it’s not a bar (like there is any real shortage), they have applied for a liquor license. It’s displayed in their window.

  • dobrorocks

    Looked at the menu and I have to say, it sounds like a good addition to the neighborhood. Sounds tasty and fresh, unlike the McD’s across the street.

    And a person saying fish won’t fly in this neighborhood can’t be very smart!

  • C.

    @ Livingston: I don’t know where you’re looking at, but yes there is a clear shortage of bars in that area and applying for a liquor license does not a bar make. You see anybody going to happy hour at Chipotle?

    @dobrorocks: A person making an overly rash judgement on someone’s opinion that a “fast casual” fish place won’t do well on this particular stretch of court street must not be very smart!

  • Nicole

    I think it sounds great! The neighborhood can use a good grilled seafood restaurant.