Profile: Brooklyn Heights’ 16 Court Street @ Montague

In its continuing series of in-depth profiles of some of Brooklyn’s most historic buildings, Brownstoner explores the Montague-Court Building at 16 Court Street at the corner of Montague. Writer “Montrose Morris” shares that the 35-story Neo-Romanesque building, completed in 1927, was the second skyscraper built on Court during a period of rapid development.

The commercial structure, pictured above in 1951, offered a Chock Full O’Nuts on the ground floor retail space, while the building to its right is no more, replaced by what now houses TD Bank, built in 1962.

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  • nabeguy
  • ed

    16 and 26 Court (especially 26) are great buildings … but neither is in Brooklyn Heights.

  • Regina

    ed, While there does not seem to be any precise official neighborhood boundaries, what most maps do show does not support your claim.

  • yoohoo

    The two buildings are in Brooklyn Heights. They may not be in the Historic District, the eastern boundary of which is Clinton Street, but Brooklyn Heights consists of more than the Historic District. That’s why the skyscrapers on the Court Street corridor and others required separate protection, much to the chagrin of the property owners

  • Andrew Porter

    Ed is correct. They are really in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Gerry

    As I understand it Brooklyn Heights is the west side of Court Street and Boro Hall is east of Court Street so that would not be Brooklyn Heights?

    And Clinton Street marks the Historic District?

  • Eddyenergizer

    As a 50 year Heights native the borders are: Atlantic Ave on the South, Furman St on the West, Old Fulton on the North and Cadmen Plaza & Court St on the East.

    Gerry, “Bourogh Hall” is only the building & Plaza, the area east of Court St to Flatbush ext. is “Downtown”

  • Gerry

    @ Eddyenergizer – OK, thanks now I get it.

    FYI I tend to graviate toward my own block of Montague Terrace dont pay much attention to going on past Hicks and Montague its ALL right here.

  • Marcia K

    I wonder where those borders leave Brooklyn Bridge Park and the new residential building at the end of Atlantic. Outside the Historic District, but surely part of the Heights, no? Yes?