Brooklyn Bridge Park: A Photo Essay

Aside from the official Brooklyn Bridge Park website, Curbed offers the most thorough wrap-up of pics we’ve seen of BBP’s progress to date in the webbie’s new Camera Obscura feature. The essay from Nathan Kensinger also includes a fine narrative on the 85-acre park’s history and all that is still developing.

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  • yoohoo

    Why is Curbed so critical of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, although the blog admits the park is still being built? Plus, the presumably crumbling ramp on the south side of Pier 1 is described as the only access to the East River and now blocked off. Why is it blocked off? Because it’s used as the kayak launch ramp on weekends in the summer. If people want kayaking all week long, they should support the BBP Conservancy, which provides all of the park’s programming free of charge. A bit later, the rocky shoreline of the Cove is deemed “one of the only” [sic] East River access points.

    The article also seems to be critical of the fact that Pier 5 is divorced from water activities. What type of activities should be considered appropriate and safe in view of extremely swift and dangerous currents?

  • Andrew Porter

    The essay is wrong; there is access from a ramp down to the East River under the Manhattan Bridge, which was recently used in a Fiat commercial now running on TV.

  • Stanley

    Check out this latest article on the Brooklyn Bridge Park