Stabbing Monday Near Colonie Restaurant On Atlantic Avenue

A man was stabbed Monday morning either in or outside Colonie Restaurant at Atlantic Avenue & Henry Street, according to an FDNY spokesman. DNAInfo reports that the unidentified victim was stabbed in the chest and taken to Lutheran Medical Center in unknown condition. It’s unclear what caused the incident. Photos show cops at the entrance of Colonie Restaurant, which is identified as the scene of the incident in DNAInfo captions.

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  • Boerum Bill

    Lutheran?! LICH is right across the street! Hope he’s okay! Would like to hear more about this.

  • Bob Sacamano

    The real story hear is why was someone transported to another hospital when LICH is right there. Is that hospital that bad that you would risk your life to go to another hospital for care?

  • Weegee

    LMC is a level 1 trauma center; LICH is not. If it’s an honestly-can’t-wait, need-to-stop-bleeding-NOW issue, they may bring someone to LICH (a few fatal accidents just yards away on the BQE come to mind, where there really wasn’t anything that could be done) but if there’s a good chance that some specialized emergency care will be effective and a patient can be stabilized for a few extra minutes, they go to LMC (or even, sometimes, cross the bridge to Bellevue.)

  • columbia

    Scary, I walk by every morning. Didn’t notice anything.

  • Gerry

    LICH is not our hospital of choice each of our 3 children were born at North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital in Manhasset due to the reputation that LICH has.

    I hope that the victim will be OK and that he has health insurance hospitals have become very aggressive seeking payment.

  • beurend

    My theory: Someone spotted BeeBop’s captor, cat in hand, and attempted a citizen’s arrest. Sadly, this good Samaritan didn’t realize just how deep the conspiracy goes.

  • GHB

    Yes, that’s very funny.

  • willowtowncop

    I wouldn’t go to LICH for anything. That’s where they take all the prisoners who claim they’re sick in Central Booking because its better to sit in the ER than a holding cell. The only worse hospitals in Brooklyn are Brookdale, Coney Island (I’ve seen roaches in the ER there), and Interfaith. I would go to Maimonides or Lutheran if it wasn’t that serious or Kings County if it was a bad gunshot wound.

  • DIBS

    What were you doing in the ER anyway???

  • Tiger Lily

    Actually the worst hospital in Brooklyn is Woodhull in Williamsburg! I heard they have the highest accidental death rate.

  • Robert Moses

    LICH has the best Taco Bell in Brooklyn! Short lines and bathrooms and medical personnel nearby if needed!

  • Kay

    I’ve never needed to go to the hospital so this is news to me. Why is LICH so bad?

  • Wiley E.

    LICH is a university hospital, so a lot of students are on staff. There is no substitute for experience. You have to learn somewhere. Pray, and hope for the best.

    Yes, and Bee Bop should be a cat of interest in this matter, too.

  • X

    No one had any details about the stabbing ?

  • Gerry

    @ Willowtowncop – you said it all thats why we go to Manhasset, Garden City or Manhattan when we need medical care Brooklyn, LICH, etc. are not a great place for healthcare.

    I fear an emergency that would land one of us at LICH.

    So an ER is an alternative to a holding cell?

  • WillowtownCop

    Not for all prisoners, but for people who have been arrested enough to know that if they say they want to go to the hospital they get to lie in a clean bed and eat a hot meal instead of sitting on a hard bench and eating peanut butter sandwiches with hundreds of other people, many of whom smell really, really, bad. Usually junkies or people who have done something bad enough that it’s worth plotting an escape, which is more likely at the hospital. They know after the 25th time through the system that the police have to take them if they say they want to go. I know how I’d react if a family member or a friend of mine were sharing a room with someone in shakles and handcuffs with a police guard in the room 24/7. I would throw an absolute fit at hospital staff and demand a different room.

  • beurend

    Is there ever going to be an actual update on what happened here?

  • WillowNabe

    Regarding LICH,
    I broke my wrist in four places when we first moved to the Heights about seven years ago. I was in denial and thought I had just sprained my wrist but the next morning I went to the ER at LICH. I was attended to by a young doctor who was the same age as my own children. Horrors. He did a good job of setting the bones and I saw an orthopedic surgeon the next day also at LICH. He is now in the Castle Connolly Guide of best doctors in the NY Metro area.
    A month ago I ended up in the ER with a DVT in my leg, the second in ten years. My own doctor sent me there. Again, I was well taken care of. I was impressed with the ER doctor who knew exactly what he was doing as I have been this route before and knew the drill.
    Fast forward a month later (last week to be precise) and I had to go to LICH again due to complications from the anti-coagulant. The doctor on staff was excellent and I was treated well. It was a very difficult day as I had to have some very scary tests. They tried their best to relieve my anxiety. Long story short, I am fine and as a person who only went to the “best” doctors, my hat’s off to the doctors and staff at LICH since I am still here to talk about it!

  • Wiley E.

    I have been to the ER at LICH several times for extreme low-blood sugar episodes. I am still here. Once shared a space separated by a shower curtain from an inmate. Not fun. But, if I had to go someplace further away… I won’t be here right now making fun of some of you. LICH is okay. I trust them. We are lucky to have them so close. Be thankful. I am.

    So, what happened with the stabbing at Colonie. Someone leave a crummy tip? Inquiring minds need to know.

  • Gerry

    @ Willowtowncop – I had heard that if a perp asks to go to the hospital it simply drags the whole process out– makes it a much longer ordeal?

    That if you stay in a holding cell you are arrainged in 24 hours a Judge explains if you stay out of trouble for 6 months you are ACOD and its OVER.

    And if you go to the hospital it can take days before a perp is arraigned and free?

  • Willowtowncop

    If the perp actually has something wrong with him and is admitted it drags it out. If its just a visit to the ER for “chest pains” and the perp is 27 years old and is lying the paperwork continues to be processed as if he were in the bookins.

  • William Spier

    To answer Bob above, ambulances do not always take an emergency to the closest hospital. There are several variables but saying why did the person not go here, to the closest,…does not mean that the closest hospital is not a good hospital. In the case of a violent event when the perp is not apprehended, there is a fear that the perp will follow the patient to the hospital and try to finish the action they started, so emergency services exit the area with the victim.

    For Gerry above: Pure nonsense. LICH, as part of Downstate has a first rate Maternal Fetal Medecine Department. They deliver over 1500 babies a year. People go to Manhattan because they don’t care to find out what is locally available, they may have a physician already who has preveleges at a Manhattan hospital–or sadly, it;s trendy to go to this or that hospital in Manhattan.

    Finally, LICH is a university hospital, but students do not treat patients; most are in observer status. Residents, nurses and specialists treat patients.

    Sniping at LICH knowing little or anything about the hospital shows a population self absorbed not community committed.

  • MonroeOrange

    Well said William! Gerry got a verbal smack down!

  • William Spier


    Basically, I did not think that this story merited blog responses. I jumped in when the thread got silly. Folks should learn to be more inductive.

  • Wiley E.

    Is the victim in witness protection?

  • Gerry

    @ William Spier – most of the couples we know here in Brooklyn Heights go to North Shore/Long Island Jewish Hospital in Manhasset or to a hospital in Manhattan to have babies.

    In Manhasset the health care is outstanding maybe better than in Brooklyn.

    When our 3rd child was near due I booked a suite at the Roslyn Claremont Hotel so that I could get my wife to North Shore Hospital FAST when she went into labor and that worked well.

    A few years ago LICH had been sued by “Sista Soulja” because the employees in maternity had assumed the young black woman was a single mother and she was not.

    It appears LICH has a BIG public relations problem amoung affluent white people in Brooklyn Heights.

  • Zipporah Dvash

    I debated whether to participate in this thread and eventually decided to let some time go by before I did to make sure everyone in the community who wanted to have a say was able to do so. Downstate LICH is going through a period of great change, no doubt about it, but the dedicated people who work here strive to deliver great health care in a challenging environment. We appreciate the nice comments people make when they have had a good experience, but we also have solid procedures in place to take care of issues when patients and families feel we’ve fallen short. And we welcome you to contact us – real people, not an impersonal email box – if you need to.
    Zipporah Dvash, Public Affairs,
    Andrew Catalano, Service Excellence
    Downstate LICH has a commitment to the community – this has not changed.