30 Henry Street Begins Marketing For Summer 2013 Condo Completion

An official realtor website from developer Fortis Property Group has popped up for Brooklyn Heights’ condo project 30 Henry Street, deemed “The Heights,” at the former site of The Brooklyn Eagle. A new rendering of the exterior has also been made public, Brownstoner shares.

The Real Deal offers the goodies on what it terms “a new boutique Brooklyn Heights condo,” saying that it will hit the market in earnest “in the next few months.” The development features five large full-floor units asking between $3.39 million for a 2,418sf first-floor unit with three bedrooms to $4.95 million for a 2,861sf fifth-floor pad with additional exterior space. Construction on the BKSK Architects-designed building, which will have keyed elevator access to all apartments, is slated to be completed by the late summer.

Fortis President Joel Kestenbaum notes, “There’s a great shortage of supply in Brooklyn Heights and demand for big apartments is very strong.” Fortis purchased the development site for $3.5 million in April. The design of the prospective building was criticized earlier this year by community organizations that deemed it too tame. At the time, BHA Executive Director Judy Stanton told the Wall Street Journal, “If there was ever a site that cries out for something quite special and a district that deserves something quite special,” this would be it.

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  • gatornyc

    Gerry is simply posting maliciously false information about OBBP. The building sustained extensive flood damage to its physical plant located in the basement. That’s about the only thing he got correct. OBBP also responded to the damage it sustained as well as any other similarly situation building and better than almost all of them. Here are the facts:

    1. The residential units and common areas never lost power and as such no power has been provided by a emergency generator. There has been no limitation on power supplied to the residential units, but unit owners have been asked to limit usage when possible to reduce strain on the system while repairs take place.

    2. Elevator service did go down, but only for five days when partial elevator service was restored. Elevators were most certainly not down for weeks.

    3. Neither the Quick Park garage nor the private garage were flooded and no cars parked in either garage were damaged. OBBP has never “resorted” to renting garage space to non-residents. That is exactly what happens in a public garage which is operated by Quick Park, a commercial tenant. In fact, OBBP’s finances are in excellent shape.

    4. OBBP is absolutely 85% sold (it hasn’t been 40% sold in two years!). The evidence is in the closings which are documented in ACRIS and on Streeteasy. OBBP has experienced anything but slow sales. It has been one of the best selling buildings in not just Brooklyn but the entire City the past few years. It sold the second most units of any building in all of the City in 2010. Close to the same in 2011. This is well documented in articles on The Real Deal, curbed, and on propertyshark.com.

    5. OBBP has several commercial tenants: Waterfront Wines and Liquors, Wag Club and Quick Park. It does have significant commercial space available which has been difficult to lease in the recessionary retail environment of the past few years and the slower than expected development of BBP.

    Essentially nothing Gerry has written about OBBP has been accurate. It is clear that he has some agenda against OBBP whether he is a disgruntled would be owner or some other reason. Continue to post false information about OBBP at your own peril Gerry.

  • OBBP2

    – The building never lost power.
    – There was no fire, and there’s no garage to make a “mad dash” through. The loading dock doors were knocked down by the flood, but resident’s cars are not parked there. They were all moved up to the second floor and none were damaged.
    – OBBP is 85% sold and has been one of the best selling buildings in Brooklyn. Check out the reports on curbed.
    – Flood insurance is provided by FEMA.
    – “National Grid violations” doesn’t even make sense.
    – Basement did flood, but all services were restored in 2 weeks; much better then many condo buildings throughout the area.

    All of the above is correct. We also live in the building and could not be happier with the swift response of the staff and management, who really got things back to normal quickly. It’s really a great place to live.

  • Wiley E.

    k-stuart, throw away the see-through dress that you wore to the opening. It is disgusting.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Why is anyone surprised that old man Gerry is talking through his a$$ once again? The guy just says nonsense 90% of the time. The other 10% is pure accident. It’s bad enough that he is wrong all the time but he does it with such maliciousness it is truly pathological. Strange dude.

    And speaking of strange dudes, little wiley never fails to impress us all with his razor sharp wit, doesn’t he?

  • WillowNabe

    It took me all of 5 seconds (if that) to Google
    One Brooklyn Bridge Park occupancy
    to find out that in August 2012 Curbedwire
    stated that occupancy was at 80%.
    Why would you argue that it was 40% when that is clearly not the case. Why argue against people who actually live there?

  • Mr. Crusty

    Because he is Gerry.

  • Gerry

    @ Willownabe – do not believe everything you read in the media most all of it has been placed there with money $$$ for some reason or agenda.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Yes, Willownabe, how dare you rely on the media for facts when you have Gerry who, as we all know, doesn’t have any agenda whatsoever.

  • gatornyc

    Gerry, it’s not the media. All deeds are recorded and become public records. Those records are available for all to see through ACRIS, propertyshark.com, streeteasy.com, etc. You can see it for yourself but that would only demonstrate that you are wrong. Stop posting irrefutably incorrect information. You are propagating lies about OBBP. Nothing less, nothing more.