Follow-Up: Nate Silver Nails All 50 States In Prez Election Prediction

BHB shared Tuesday that Brooklyn Heights area resident/NY Times’ 538 Blog guru Nate Silver’s predicted “President Obama has a 90.9% probability of winning reelection,” alongside his profile in Tablet. Turns out the dude knows his stuff: The statistician/strategist correctly called every single state in last evening’s election—after being needled for weeks by political commentators who ridiculed his method for forecasting election results. rounds up news reports from the likes of Slate, Huffington Post, Forbes, Newsday, Time and more.

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  • Missourimule

    So next time, maybe we could just skip the elections & ask Nate? It’d save a ton of money and avoid the question of fraud, illegal voters, etc.

  • Columbia Freights

    So this whole time I’ve been reading his blog and he could very well be living next door to me!

  • dave

    Good job Nate…..

  • DrewB

    Nate’s polling was the one thing keeping me from freaking out in the final days leading up to the election. WEll done sir!

  • Dinah

    I agree DrewB Nate’s predictions kept me sane.