Lex Ave 4/5 Subway Service Restored… More BK Access Over Weekend

MTA is advising that as of Saturday, subway service has been restored between the Bronx and Brooklyn on the entire Lexington Avenue 4/5/6 route. For Brooklyn Heights, that means 4/5 trains are again running from Borough Hall into Manhattan. See updated Hurricane Recovery map here. (Photo: CT)

In addition, MTA sent a Tweet that the 2/3 line is also expected to return over the weekend. Of course, that links Brooklyn Heights to Manhattan at both Clark Street and Borough Hall. As well, D, F, M and J trains are supposed to resume service into Brooklyn this weekend. The No. 7 line has been restored from Midtown into Queens.

Wall Street Journal: “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that 80% of service in the New York City subway system has been restored, including critical under-river connections between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.”

MTA says some East River tubes will remain flooded through at least Monday. South Ferry and the washed-out A in the Rockaways will remain out of service indefinitely. PATH service between New York and New Jersey also suspended indefinitely.

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  • youralemon

    has anyone tried taking the subway since it has been restored? what is it like down there?

  • ralph

    my friend just did on the 4 or 5 train running normal he said from queens to brooklyn

  • Allen Tobias

    Yes, cashier told me in passing at about 3 PM that there was 4,5 service between Wall Street and Borough Hall.

    I was happy to learn this as this AM at 8 my travel time from home via Jay Street to Lincoln Center … with much waiting at various stops … was 2 hrs. 45 minutes.

    I missed a first train. There was a fairly long wait. I got on the next; it was fairly crowded. Within ten minutes I was at Borough Hall.

    I do have a question however: at what hour this AM was service restoration announced?

    Also, does service continue on the 4,5 up through the East Side?


  • MOT

    I just go the 2 train back to Brooklyn Heights from Lincoln Center. It run just as usual.