Tuesday: Brooklyn Heights Promenade Is The Place To Be

You’d think it was the first day of spring after a long winter’s haul. Late Tuesday morning, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade was swarming with onlookers, checking out the after-effects of Superstorm Sandy, while peering for signs of life on the other side, where Lower Manhattan remains without power for what may be days. While it was a brisk and breezy 53 degrees just before noon, apparently Brooklynites don’t like to be cooped up… Looks like 24 hours was long enough. More below. (CT)

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  • AmyinBH

    Am I the only person concerned that branches and even trees could still fall and injure someone?

  • CT

    No, you’re not the only one. Bloomberg just had a press conference not more than 30 minutes ago in which he practically begged people to stay away from trees. People are foolish if they think it’s safe to go out in BK Heights already.

  • BH’er

    I’m weary of falling branches but am not staying inside in the off chance that a branch could possibly fall

    It would probably safer to wander around with a hard hat on, but I left mine at the office, so have decided to take my chances

  • Teddy

    I know a guy who went barhopping last night during the storm so seeing a bunch of people on promenade now is nothing. It looks like the wind has died down so I guess it’s relatively safe right now.

  • Mr. Crusty

    There is always risk in anything one does. Those that trmble in fear of falling branches should just stay home under the covers.

  • Cadmangal

    It was so good to be out walking around the Heights and on the Promenade today!