Trees Down On Poplar Street

We’ve received reports of downed trees all along Poplar Street from C.F.:

Basically every tree behind 55 Poplar lining the garden and behind the parking lot is down, one has fallen on a VW, smashed windshield in one corner. Tree from behind 55 Poplar fence fell over onto Hicks Street partially obstructing the street. Also on far corner: Hicks and service road of BQE, partially fallen tree. It’s like the end of the world. The ground is completely covered with leaves and debris. Things flying all over. Sirens blaring in the distance. It’s crazy.

Photos of the downed trees from BHB tipster “Christina”:

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  • JV

    “It’s like the end of the world” c’mon, that’s a little dramatic wouldn’t you say?

  • William Spier

    Yup, that is my tree. It was probably the best example of the Empress tree in Brooklyn; but, alas, it was rooted to shallow. We also lost a purple plum, but otherwise, the garden fared pretty well. It is clean up time.

  • elemengee

    Well, we lost another old tree in our backyard (145 Hicks St) on College Place. You may recall that we lost a huge old tree in our front garden that also knocked down our brick garden wall. Our front garden is finally back to “normal.” Maybe now, we’ll do something about sprucing up the back “garden.” that we’ve been talking about for years.