Lena Dunham Could Probably Soon Buy Mansion House, As Book Deal Reaps $3.6M

Poor, poor misguided Uley… On the “Entertainment Weekly” website, he comments, “Is Lena Dunham honestly that big of a draw? To the general public, she’s a no name. I know of her, but I’m not interested in reading a book by her. Seems like publishers might be jumping the gun on this one.” Those literary types, however, obviously recognize the Brooklyn Heights’ resident as “an influential creative voice for young women.”

And so… the heat is on. BHB reported Wednesday that our neighbor was peddling a book deal for a collection of essays titled “Not That Kind of Girl: Advice by Lena Dunham,” with an auction for publishers starting at a robust $1 million. A day later, you can strike that figure, as the Emmy-nominated actor, director, executive producer, writer and creator of HBO’s “Girls” has already attracted bids as high as $3.6 million.

According to Deadline New York, Dunham’s lit agent Kim Witherspoon from InkWell Management is working the deal, which will soon be finalized. The numbers for the book of advice & anecdotes from the 26-year-old entrepreneur will likely head even higher as

Perhaps she was playing it a little safe when she purchased a one-bedroom, 800-square-foot apartment at Mansion House back in June. (Photo: Curbed)

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  • She’s Crafty

    Well, maybe she could buy a 2 bedroom there. Fully renovated.

  • Andrew Porter

    I wish the BHB would just leave her and other BH celebrities alone.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Publicity is what allows a Lena Dunham to command a $1M book deal so I am not sure she would agree with Mr. Porter’s unsolicited request that the BHB “just leave her alone”.

    Celebrities thrive on publicity. When they have a product they try to get mentioned as often as possible in the media – they go on every local morning tv show they can to discuss their book or movie or tv series.

    If I had to guess I would think Ms. Dunham would tell Andrew, in her own inimitable way, to shut the f*** up!

  • Boerum Bill

    Get over it, Porter! Good for Lena! Bring on the BH celebs!

  • Wiley E.

    Lena is successful because she has talent. Not all talented people are media hoes. Some are, but the true media hoes don’t have any talent at all. Stalkers are just sad and troubled. Don’t feed them.

  • Mr. Crusty

    When one writes a book one would presume that you want people to read it. More people will read it if they heard of the book, in articles like this or elsewhere. That is not being a media hoe but being a rational human being.

    The article was about her book auction which went quite well for Miss Dunham. Having book publishers in a bidding war for your book is not something that an author would mind being reported. How that news item is perceived as “stalking” by some is truly quite bizarre. I am quite sure that Ms. Dunham is thrilled with the media mention.