Great News! La Mancha’s Sardines Live On at this Year’s Atlantic Antic

Patricia Ageheim & Tarek Debira owers since April of Chez Moi (located at the space formerly known as La Mancha) wrote BHB to reassure our readers that La Mancha’s Atlantic Antic culinary stand-bys of grilled sardines and paella will survive the change of restaurant and nationality!

Writes Tarek:

As far as the menu that we are offering:
Before we even opened, we found a blog mentioning the fact that La mancha would be missed especially their Sardines at the Atlantic antic. After asking about the Atlantic antic to several of our regulars and neighbors, we quickly realized that The Sardines, Paella & chorizo were extremely popular to say the least, and that it was going on even before La Mancha. By the way we have lived in the neighborhood for almost 5 years now and are also big fans of the sardines.
After discussing menu options with our Chef Matthew Koffmann and our management team, we decided that we should keep the tradition going.

Our menu will be the same however, we are shipping our sardines from Portugal and are buying our chorizo from Esposito ( Chef Matt is very excited to bring his personal touch to the sardines and paella and our Pastry chef Sebastian will prepare Apple tartes for desserts. The goal is to provide well prepared quality product so that our guests and neighbors will enjoy this fun afternoon street festival.

We cater for the neighborhood and we care about our guests experience and their feedback so we can get better at what we do, and adjust to their needs.

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  • Claude Scales


  • Bongo

    Those were always some mighty fine sardines.

  • Josephs Mate

    Best news all year and good to hear, word of warning Joseph ran out of sardines last year, it was that popular! So buy in bulk or twice as many as you thought you needed!

  • TonyM

    I am looking forward to it. One point to mention, the Esposito that they mentioned is not the Court Street store. It is the one on 8th avenue and 38th Street in Manhattan. I have heard that store is good but I haven’t been there.

  • Wiley E.

    Esposito’s on Eight Avenue is the Eighth Wonder of the Sausage World. Do yourself a favor, and visit it. They are in the 30s on Eight Avenue, on the east side of the avenue. Absolutely fantastic. Good prices too.

  • Matthew Parker

    I miss La Mancha. Good tapas and classic Spanish fare, great sangria, and Xose was a character. I’ve heard he moved to Chile.

    Wasn’t a new tapas restaurant due to open on Montague St? Anyone have info?

    Any suggestions for good Spanish food nearby?

  • Wiley E.

    Paella was terrible this year. Didn’t try the other offerings.

  • Brooklynite

    Was excited for sardines, but they were so black on the outside that I didn’t try them. They looked burnt :-(

  • Yo

    Sardines and chorizo were phenomenal. You missed out.