Jeffrey Stein Salon At 91 Montague Street Trims Its Losses

The Jeffrey Stein Concept Hair Salon at 91 Montague Street has closed its doors for business. The novel “Fringe” benefit concept salon opened in February 2011, and before that, housed Dimples Kids’ Spa. Stein was part of a trio of retailers in the building, with Heights Deli & Convenience (which opened in May 2010) and VIP Nails & Salon (opened February 2012). (Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Josh G

    Not to sound crass, but is anyone surprised?

  • elemengee

    Who, with any business sense, would open another beauty salon–with nothing special to offer–when there are four other salons within two blocks. So, we had five beauty salons within two blocks but no book store in the neighborhood. I don’t consider B&N at Court and State Streets being in the neighborhood; particularly for those of us who live in north Brooklyn Heights. Good luck to Jeffrey Stein.

  • princess

    I’ll miss James. He was a sweetie, and cut good hair!

  • David on Middagh

    Surely there are other “concept” business plans that might survive a lease?

    – Buy a bottle of scotch, get a free half hour of ping-pong.

    – Buy a pair of running shoes, get a free backrub.

    – Buy a computer, get a month’s free laundry service.


  • Heightsman

    @Princess – James is not leaving the neighborhood. He just did my whole family today. U want his info, let me know….

  • E

    I hope another nail salon opens there. There is a drastic shortage of those on Montague.

  • Nancy

    Fro-yo please

  • Gerry

    Does anyone know where Emily Rodriguez who had owned Hair Profiles is now working?

  • Poplar

    Emily moved Profiles to 157 Remsen between Clinton & Court, it’s upstairs.

  • Gerry

    @ Poplar – thank you very much for letting me know where Emily is now located.

  • x

    how about a late night dessert place?

  • Andrew Porter

    If you carefully seal up the doors, I believe the place could hold a very small aquatic center, or just an aquarium.

  • Frizzy Curls

    Is there any inexpensive place to get a blowout in the Heights now?

  • Professoressa

    Heightsman: Please do give me info on locating and contacting James for a cut! Thx!