Custom House: Brooklyn Heights At Last Has A Hang

It appears that Brooklyn Heights at last has a reliable neighborhood hang. While Jack the Horse Tavern draws a consistent crowd and Eammon’s of Brooklyn had its day, arguably there hasn’t been a true pub to stop by (and/or stay) for a beer or a splash of booze in the nabe for a decade-plus.

A walk by Custom House at 139 Montague Street on Wednesday around 10 p.m. revealed a bustling crowd of all-age ‘hoodies, from the 20s on up past AARP members. Be sure to say hello to Brother Jimmy, pictured at the entrance. Score one for Brooklyn Heights.

The joint offers 80 seats, 16 tap beers, a 40-foot marble-topped bar, a trio of flat screens showing live sports; and grub to wash it all down like burgers, wings and Shepherd’s pie.

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  • Big Dave

    Keep up the good work BHB.
    I AM HAPPY Custom House is here, but do wish they would address sound issues — they need some soft goods on the walls to abate the “inside a guitar”effect…

  • Tclinton11201

    People are funny. Voicing an opinion and trying to correct an inaccurate fact (as pointed earlier the “no other watering hole with kitchen in the Heights”) that suddenly makes the Chuck post look suspicious and all of a sudden I’m a naysayer wishing the death of this blog…

    I’ve contributed to this blog (in a moderate fashion admittedly) and have enjoyed a lot of it but I don’t think I’ll apologize for calling out an odd-written review.

    and finally I’m very happy that some people (not me) are enjoying Custom House, a decent addition, but for my part I’ll stick to older local watering holes.

  • caroline

    Don’t let those naysayers get you down!! The BHB is great and a fantastic community service and I just skip right over those snarling naysayers….they are the same on every topic and they just need to get a hobby….not to worry….just keep on doing what you are doing…..there is a mostly silent majority out there that is just happily reading and rolling our eyes at the jerks who will post their sob stories all day, but will never buy you a beer, never show up at your mixer and rarely get up off the couch. Chin up Homer and gang!!! And, thanks!!

  • Monty

    I prefer boosterism to cynicism. I think Homer et al just have positive attitudes. I would love to see a blog about BH written by the “everything sucks” crowd.

  • Clampdown

    Amazing that there are people out there who still don’t know the difference between a blog and a news outlet. I know the lines are sometimes blurred, but come on, this site has always done reviews of local restaurants and bars (as it should).

  • Still Here

    How does the crowd compare to Eammon’s? Or, to the AARP crowd, to Capulets (group sighhhhhhhh)?

  • C.

    “Waterfront ale house is in dumbo!”

    Nope. Try again.

    Hint — It’s in Brooklyn Heights

  • Wiley E.

    BHB deserves and needs to make a dime. Hurray for capitalism.

    (And thanks for putting up with the nut-jobs.)

  • CranberryDreams

    how about a bar in brooklyn heights that has a real happy hour? $7 beers all the time isn’t that inviting… Custom House doesn’t have a HH as far as i know.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I believe Waterfront Ale House is on Atlantic “Brooklyn Heights” side not DUMBO.

  • Chris

    Naw…Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic almost to Clinton featuring your host Sam, grand champion of Meatopia winner! Mmmmm….ribs.

  • Joe


    Reading some of the poster’s comments, I do sometimes I think that no good deed goes unpunished. I’ve been reading this blog for many years and I find it to be an invaluable service to our BH community.

    Case in point, after a long long August, the other day I was wondering when Fascati’s was going to reopen. When I did a search on google it actually lead me back to this blog. When I saw police cars and a block cordoned off not too long ago, I knew I could come to this blog and find out what happened.

    Most of us live very busy lives and it is hard to notice all the latest happenings in our neighborhood without the many eyes and ears of the bloggers or some of the posters.

    Cheers to all the bloggers as well as to the many posters who have provided me useful info over the years. People don’t realize what they have until they don’t have it anymore.

  • C.

    Amen CranberryDreams. Best happy hour I know of around here:

    Bar Great Harry = 2 beers for $5
    Custom House = 1 beer for $7

    Take your money to Smith street and Atlantic. Much better bars, with better prices and atmosphere.

  • hicksanthrope

    Hey Homer- What about the fact that you delete posts by people who have even the slightest criticism of a local restaurant? What about that Homer? Are you going to answer or DELETE this post?

  • travy

    so homey are you going to threaten to end the blog every time someone criticizes you? just do it if you hate it.

  • Willowtowncop

    45 comments about a bar and not one word about the food or drinks?

    I think the cocktails are fantastic. I’ve had the spiced tea and the mojito and they were very well made – strong without tasting strong. The beer selection was a little uncreative but there are a few decent choices.

    The food is hit or miss – the fries are good, and the buffalo chicken sliders were good but would have been better if the chicken were fried instead of grilled. The fish I found to be a little soggy and a little fishy – Chip Shop’s is much, much, better. The calamari was good but needed more sauce.

  • David on Middagh

    “so homey are you going to threaten to end the blog every time someone criticizes you? just do it if you hate it.”

    I’ll wager that some commenters here would kick their own seeing-eye dog.

  • travy

    sorry you’re offended david, and i’d never kick a dog, but this is the third time i’ve read an empty threat of ending the blog because of critical comments. it’s weak and needy and the resulting, ‘oh don’t do it homer we love you!’ comments are tired.

    if you don’t like criticism, don’t have open comments. thick skin is a prerequisite for public commentary. personally, i like the blog and think it’s beneath the editors here to even respond to lame comments that were made just to get a rise out of people. it’s called trolling. look it up.

    in short, grow some or get out of the blog business.

  • Homer Fink

    @travy – what? I’m not allowed to troll my own blog! ;)

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Scotty: Jimmy is a solid, hard-working man, while you are merely a troll… Why don’t you go ask Jimmy yourself what he does, and tell him to his face that he is creepy?

    Homer: Perhaps just kill the comments sections, with the exception perhaps, of the Open Thread bit where people can spout off to their heart’s content… The blog needs to live on.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Oh, and to chime in on CH itself… Decent beer selection (all poured through clean lines), good pub grub, and a really nice staff, in particular the bartenders. I could do without all the loud and obnoxious suits at happy hour, but that’s just my taste. A welcome addition to the neighborhood for sure!