Montague Terrace: Christmas In August

It was Christmas in August at 5 Montague Terrace on Monday, as the beautiful brownstone was utilized for a print shoot—complete with fresh pine ornamentation, poinsettias, a wreath on the door and (faux) snow in the windows—for a fourth-quarter T.J. Maxx print campaign. Sadly, the comely models standing on the street to the side of the stairwell declined BHB’s request for photos… It appears they insist upon compen$sation for $miles.
(Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Henry

    Are you surprised? They’re models-their job is to exist for money. (and these are T.J. Maxx models, so both the existence and money are meager)
    *Oh, and you didn’t need to ask permission. If they’re out on the street you can just snap away.

  • Homer Fink

    Folks, you realize that Chuck was being pithy with that remark, right?

  • eg

    henry – Maybe they were tired and just didn’t want to be bothered to pose. “It’s a free country.”

  • Gerry

    I hope they photo-shop the leaves and ivy out of the pics so it lookls like Winter.