The High Life: Collegiate Room & Board At St. George’s Weller Residence

Ever wonder how much it costs for college students to stay in the St. George Hotel? Kaplan International Centers is offering an end-of-summer residence special at the Weller Residence on 100 Henry Street for the bargain basement price through August 25 of… $320 a week!

Included with a furnished room & private bath are a desk, storage space, bed linens, free high-speed internet, cable TV and mini fridge; as well as a communal kitchen & cooking facilities and basement laundry. Sweet!

Kaplan personifies Brooklyn Heights as “an exclusive, historic neighborhood of beautiful brownstones, cafes, retail shops and lovely parks—a safe and wonderful sanctuary for students to call home. Pure city living without the hustle & bustle”… but misses the boat by also deeming it “a new and upcoming N.Y. neighborhood.” Whoops.

Meanwhile, for Pace University students, room & board for upper-year students at the St. George Weller Residence is as follows: single: $8,425/semester; double or triple studio: $6,760; and double or triple room: $6,660. For first-year students: double: $5,850; or triple: $5,720. In addition, all Pace students are required to purchase a base meal plan for $125/semester, as well as a supplemental meal plan for $925/semester.

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  • None

    “upcoming” for sure – we have a ways to go yet, boys

    Interesting but I am not envious, unless their download speeds are faster than my f@&$!/& TimeWarner Cable “high speed” which should be called “lark speed” Interwebs

    Thanks for the info, always wondered about that place – reminds me of freshman year!

  • Willowtowncop

    The students who live the highlife here on taxpayer subsidized student loan money are not exactly going to top schools in a good economy. They’re in for a nasty shock when they see what they can afford when they graduate.

  • Wiley E.

    Stay off the ledges. No, you can’t fly like a bird.

  • eg

    @willowtown cop – You seem to have missed all the stories about enormous price of student loans, which are not free or subsidized and which must be paid back – even if they don’t graduate. They can come out of school with more than $100K in hock and then not be able to find a job. Give them a break!

  • willowtowncop

    I know all about student loans. The payments on mine are more than my rent – they approach half of what I take home every month. They are Fedeally subsidized, which doesn’t change that I have to pay them back, just that I was qualified to take them in the first place, which I really shouldn’t have been (as an 18 year old with a minimum wage job). I learned my lesson and will never borrow money again. I just wish I knew then what I know now. As for other people taking these loans, I think it’s gotten way out of hand – they shouldn’t be able to borrow subsidized money for housing or for for-profit schools or for schools with really low employment rates or high default rates.