Atlantic Avenue’s MODULE-R Gets Props

Local toy & home curiosity boutique MODULE R, dedicated to “modular, reconfigurable & customizable modern design,” which opened last December at 141 Atlantic Avenue, got some props from Melissa Liebling-Goldberg, women’s editorial director at high-end clothier & home website (and former style director at People). has been asking New York shopping & fashion gurus to share their fave hidden shopping gems. Liebling-Goldberg names MODULE R as her go-to destination for men’s gifts. She writes: “For my puzzle addict brother-in-law, a clock with puzzle pieces that can be rearranged into myriad configurations on the wall. For my 15-month-old nephew, it’s mobiles and stacking toys from Sweden. And for my architect husband, I could basically blindfold myself and turn in a circle pointing and he’d like whatever I landed on. The store isn’t small and it’s filled floor to ceiling (really, don’t forget to look up) with unique items that would look as nice in your home as they would in a gift bag going to friends. Even better is its proximity to Colonie for a drink and snack post-shopping spree.”


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  • Bloomy

    Great store, wish I had more money to get more things.

  • John Parker

    You are right Bloomy..

  • Brooklynite

    After not being able to exchange a gift I got for Christmas because I did not have a receipt, I haven’t been back. I didn’t want a return, just an exchange and they were not willing to do it for me. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Plus I think the price for certain things in there is a bit high. I wish I had a better experience and liked more of their stuff/ could afford it, but no such luck.

  • Three Ds

    Brooklynite, without a receipt or record of the sale you’re asking a lot for a store to give you money back for a returned item that can’t be verified as having been bought there. I’ve been in this store several times and I’ve seen the staff work really hard on satisfying customers. But there are some limits on what can be expected from a business.