Brooklyn Heights Library Admits AC System Is Kaput

The Brooklyn Public Library has issued a one-sheet apologizing for the continued lack of air conditioning at its Heights branch, and the intermittent shutdown of the Cadman Plaza location as a result. “Please accept our apologies for the periodic closures at the Brooklyn Heights branch. The air conditioning system for most of the building no longer works, resulting in excessively high temperatures. In consideration of the safety of the Library’s patrons and employees, we are monitoring the temperature and closing the building as necessary,” the notice says.

Worse yet, because of the condition and age of the AC system, it cannot be repaired: “The only solution is to replace the entire system, which will take at least several months to complete upon receipt of the replacement equipment.” In its place, the branch is exploring a temporary central chilled water plant on the exterior of the building—which it admits will create “new disruptions related to noise and the smell of a diesel generator that must be refueled frequently”—as well as a timeline of several months to implement.

The library will continue to open the building only when “conditions are safe for the public and library staff,” although evening programs will continue as planned, since its auditorium has a separate AC system.

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  • David on Middagh

    Bad timing for the AC to go kaput, as the branch library at Clinton St. & Union is also closed this summer (asbestos abatement, whatever that means).

  • Bloomy

    But where are all the nannies going to hang out during the day! j/k Wish the library the best of lucking upgrading their system. Don’t forget you can always get ebooks from the library and never have to step foot into a branch.

  • RF

    I thought the library was supposed to be one of our designated cooling centers on heat-warning days.