Brooklyn Bridge One Claims It’s 80% Sold Out

Our neighbors to the south in the posh Brooklyn Bridge One appear to dig their digs. According to Curbed, the condo community has sold 317 units, with 25 more units in contract, which equates to 80% sold. Just under 100 apartments remain on the market, including one- and two-bedrooms, as well as lofts with flexible floor plans. Uh, I’m not sure how that math adds up, but I’m just a word guy here. Prices start at $525,000.

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  • lori

    If you consider the 25 units under contract as sold, then it is almost 80 percent sold out. But there is still a chance for you or me to get one of the apartments!

  • allinall

    Not sure what your math problem is. 317 sold plus 25 in contract = 342. There were originally 450 units in the buildings but many of them were combined to form larger units. I believe that there are now something like 435 units in the building. 342/435 = 79%. So what’s the problem?

  • willowtowncop

    Thank god. I haven’t had to throw up from watching them try to attract Steven and Vanessa to the ‘hood in quite awhile.