Racked Names A Cook’s Companion Among Nine Best NYC Kitchen Suppliers

Shopping website Racked offers its take on “Nine Cooking Supply Stores for a Well-Stocked Kitchen,” and includes A Cook’s Companion at 197 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights as a pick for “shops catering to the adventurous home cook.”

The site says of the popular destination: “A foodie’s dream, this Brooklyn shop offers quality goods, often at 10% below the retail prices of its across-the-bridge counterparts. The friendly staff often provides the final push you need to give into a craving for a new Wüsthof knife or All-Clad pot. And for the home pastry-chefs, be sure to stop by the store’s baking section, because who doesn’t need a martini-glass shaped cookie.”

The other eight shops: Fish’s Eddy, Kitchen Arts & Letters, Bowery Kitchen Supply, Broadway Panhandler, Sur La Table, Korin—all in Manhattan—along with the borough’s Brooklyn Kitchen and Whisk.

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  • sue

    I love this store..

  • hicks st guy

    well deserved, and the people there are very friendly.

  • BruceFan

    The store was also recognized in a commercial on BBC America for the show “No Kitchen Required”, one of the shows chef’s Madison Cowen said that it was his favorite store.

  • GHB

    Great store! If only we could get those kind of retailers on Montague!

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    They have all the supplies needed for my SodaStream machine and for that I am grateful.

  • John Q

    It is a wonderful shop that makes our neighborhood a better place to live!

  • Ellie

    I love to bake and cook so it’s a little heaven for me….and the staff are always cheerful. Last time I went in to shop, the shoppers and staff all got into a discussion about the mayor’s ban on supersize soda. All we needed was a cup of tea and a table to sit at. Yes, we need stores like this on Montague (but sadly the landlords are getting greedy and pushing the moms and pops stores out of the door)

  • Andrew Porter

    Of course, Fish’s Eddy was once on Montague, right where the Housing Works Thrift Shop is now, though that outlet was for cut rate dinnerware. Perhaps if they’d actually tried a full service store, they might have survived there.

  • caroline

    I love this store…they have it all and are so friendly….and I love their knife sharpening! Kudos and so well deserved!!! I am just thrilled for them!