‘Photoville’ Village Exhibit Turns BBP Waterpark Into Rustic Repository

The Photoville exhibit located along the uplands of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 3 from June 22 to July 1, has added a rustic touch to the Brooklyn Heights waterfront. In fact, it makes the former powder blue warehouses that lined the locale look downright charming.

Brooklyn-based art cooperative United Photo Industries’ “photographic village” comprises 30 enervated metal shipping containers offering a “celebration of photography,” alongside exhibitions, lectures, hands-on workshops, nighttime projections, a mini dog run and beer garden.

A look down from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, however, reveals a scene that looks more like the remains of Kurt Russell’s apocalyptic 1981 film “Escape from New York.”

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The Photoville website describes its mission as “a Brooklyn-born, art-presenting cooperative dedicated to identifying, harnessing and occasionally conjuring unexpected exhibition opportunities. All in the name of fostering conversation, championing new directions in photography and cultivating ties within an ever-expanding, globe-trotting community of photographers.”

(Photos: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Bongo

    LOL I miss-read that as Ken Russell’s “Escape from New York”, which I always thought of as John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York”. Ken’s would have been weirder, but not by much.

  • Monty

    We visited last weekend, but it was just too damn hot. Those shipping containers are like big ovens. It also highlights how difficult it is to reach Pier 3 since it’s a good 15 minute walk from the entrance at Pier 1 and there’s no shade on the path. We barely looked at any photos before we just had to leave.

  • A math major

    Monty, while I imagine it must be hot in those containers, are you sure it really takes you 15 minutes to get from Pier 1 to Pier 3? I can make it, albeit at a brisk pace, from the entrance of Pier 1 all the way to the entrance at Pier 6 in under 15 minutes.

  • BH Kramer

    For those of you who are curious – check out this great photo blog of the last 2 weeks!

    It may look “rustic’ but the work and the atmosphere certainly isn’t – and if you accept the fact that yes, it’s summer and hot – you will have a great time! I know the organizers are trying to raise more money & support for next year to improve some of the conditions and to keep the event (exhibitions, talks & workshops) free for everyone!

    Apparently it closes today, but the really cool photo fence they have up will be staying till the end of the summer!

  • fast_walker

    I look forward to the time when this and other exhibits would be held in the bright air conditioned lobby of the newly built hotel. I assumed the trailers were toilletes for the construction workers so didn’t go in.
    Maybe also one day the commerical space which remains empty at 360 furman could be put to better use – 15 minute walk from Pier 1.

  • Andrew Porter

    From where I am it’s a walk down the steep hill before you get to Pier 1, then another long walk. And the weather was so nice and cool this weekend, too.

    Now it’s all over, so that’s that.

    Meanwhile, I see the pool is full and there’s a nice sandy “beach” to go with it!