Saturday: Atlantic Ave. Extravaganza For Shoppers, Foodies & Families

Coming this Saturday, June 16, is the Atlantic Avenue Extravaganza, 1-5 p.m., from the BQE entrance to Fourth Avenue. The event is designed to draw shoppers, foodies, families and art lovers to the sidewalks of the thoroughfare with a lineup of special events, performances, tastings and games in the name of making all more aware of Atlantic Ave’s burgeoning commerce, culture and community.

More details on our sister Cobble Hill Blog here. The Extravaganza is sponsored by the Atlantic Ave. Business Improvement District.

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  • Matthew Parker

    Kind of an early summer version of the Atlantic Antic?

  • Neighbor Hood

    What, is that like 3 and 1/2 months before the Antic??

  • David on Middagh

    So this is strictly an afternoon affair, and only on the sidewalks, I gather? No street closing?

  • Greg

    I’m here on Atlantic now. Doesn’t look like an extravaganza or street fair at all. Very few tables. I’d call it a bit of a bust.

  • David on Middagh

    I’d say the celebratory bits were quite spread out, and that normal traffic overwhelmed any festive atmosphere that was generated. The lanes are too many, and the trucks and buses too noisy.

    I did see a pair of gold-clad stilt-walkers at the corner of Court & Atlantic, and a brass band holed up at Boerum Place, as well as some broom dancers down around 3rd Avenue (outside that dive bar). I think some folks deliberately dressed up as dandies, and marched the length of the route. I hope at least some extra business was generated!

  • The Bear

    This was lamer than a sausage cart & white sock street fair.
    A hummous trial at Sahadi was the high point!