How Sweet It Is: There’s Simply No Better Place For Wedding Portraits

Any given day, one can see blissed-out couples posing for their formal wedding portraits along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and the shore along the DUMBO side of Brooklyn Bridge Park. We came across the “Mille Fiori Favorati” blog in our daily web sweep for all things BH, and thought these were particularly endearing pics.

Blog author Pat, a life-long New Yorker and Brooklyn resident, writes, “So where does a girl and a guy who were born in Brooklyn, N.Y., go to have wedding portraits taken? Of course, under the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park. My daughter and son-in-law wanted to have this iconic landmark as part of their wedding shots, even though they now call the state of Colorado home.” The photos were taken May 30.

See more sweet images below.

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  • Mr Crusty

    Endearing? Seem kinda ho hum if you asked me.

  • Livingston

    Add prom pictures to “special photos on the BH Promenade” category. I saw a very cute group of high schoo-agel guys and gals in their tuxedos and long gowns posing for pictures before sunset last night (and the limo parked nearby). Such a nice moment in life to remember.

  • X

    Nice but hundreds of people take their wedding photos every year at the bridge

  • philica

    There’s a guy in the BHB Photo club that took way better wedding photos for a friend of his in the same spot. More creative angles and ideas.

  • willow

    Does anyone know if you need permits to take pictures at Brooklyn Bridge Park?

  • my2cents

    I think if they are true Brooklynites, they should get their photos taken in Manhattan with Brooklyn as the backdrop :-P