Picture Perfect Promenade Sunday

Brooklyn residents Danny and Aurora soak up the rays on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade during this perfect weekend, where temps reached the mid-70s, with not a cloud in sight. (Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Nicholas post

    I see a playground behind you.
    I was born and raised on 62 Montague Street, a mere walking block from it, in 1956 to my “college-bound” 1976.
    Now, I live in Northern California since 1980, got married, divorced, married again (better this time) and got a nice house we call home.
    I recently visited Brooklyn Height past February for a mini-family/friend reunion.
    Hard to believe that famed Promenade had been expanded to the waterfront and witnessed from other point of view such as seeing the Queen Express Freeway underneath it.
    Anyway, nice picture.

  • Gerry

    @ Nick Post, thats the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and NOT the Queens Freeway.

    And Brooklyn Bridge Park is not an extension of The Promenade.

  • Andrew Porter

    I was again reminded why I avoid the Promenade on sunny weekends—it’s jammed by locals and especially tourists.

    I got into an argument with a guy who had his golden retriever off the leash, and he unleashed his most effective argument for telling me I was wrong: accused me of living in a Mitchell-Lama building.

    Nick Post, the Promenade remains overlooking the harbor; Brooklyn Bridge Park is built at harbor-level, where the warehouses and docks were, with two ramps (one below about Pierrepont Street) actually going into the water, for launching boats and kayaks.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Nicholas post, you haven’t been here since 1976, save one visit, yet two readers of this blog felt compelled to correct you.

  • Nicholas post

    To those who corrected me about Brooklyn Queens Expressway and about the Promenade not being part of Brooklyn Bridge Park, etc., thank you.

    I have been away from Brooklyn Heights too long.