Street Work Upsets Montague Street Business Owner

Dr. Stuart Friedman of Heights Vision writes to us via Facebook:

Why is it that on the busiest shopping day of the week [Saturday 4/28] for Montague Street business owners, the city decides to rip up the sidewalk and pour cement. My staff and customers at Heights Vision Center today literally had to walk the plank to enter and leave the office. Sidewalk repairs can’t be done after hours? Who’s planning this stuff?

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  • Nabeguy

    If it was, in fact, the city doing the sidewalk repair, be glad they did it at all. Lat time I checked, they had a 15 year backlog for sidewalks.

  • yoohoo

    The backlog Nabeguy refers to may be for sidewalks along city-owned properties. In all other cases, sidewalk repair is the responsibility of the private property owner. So Dr. Friedman should direct his protest to the owner of the building in question.

  • Jorale-man

    Good point @yoohoo. Given how treacherous many of the sidewalks are in our neighborhood, having a repair, even on a busy day, seems worth the inconvenience.

  • eg

    The sidewalks were initially torn up last month to provide some connection (gas ?) to the store that Starbucks is moving to. They now had to make good the damaged sidewalks. I don’t know who is in charge.